Civil Disobedience


Civil Disobedience

All too often in society these days the “famous” the “glamourous” people feel the need to use their platforms to respond to politics in a way that for ordinary people would go unheard. It seems to be the normal tone of the Mega rich (Hollywood celebrities etc.) to advocate a political action, to which they themselves refrain. From their Ivory or Ebony Towers as the case may be, they in a brilliance of intellect, (to which it seems we common folk fail to possess) declare the answers to all our problems. Then they totter off into their pristine world of make believe, and gloat amongst their seemly equals, which I am sure they find are few if any, on how THEY have enlightened the masses and shown us the way to a better life and fulfillment.

I find it strange that they don’t take a more positive course of active by doing by example what they would have us do. Why is it they don’t show civil disobedience? Why aren’t they out in the streets pacing along with a chanting crowd, throwing stones at the law enforcement? Could it be they fear for the repercussions of such an action? I learnt many years ago it’s so much easier to have someone do things, than for you to do yourself. Then again we have those repercussions, such as imprisonment, loss of life, bodily injury and so on.

Let’s make one thing clear at this point, civil disobedience, isn’t the same as a “protest”, there is a huge difference. Showing disagreement on an issue is a long way from a refusal to obey the laws. In a protest you are open to a dialog in order to reach a compromise, but in active refusal of obeying the laws as set forth by a governing body, then you promote anarchy and insurrection. For those whom may still be confused as to the difference, watch the evening news from around the world. Syria began as a civil disobedience, Libya, Yemen and so on.

Civil disobedience is so easy to call for, there are so many “down trodden” groups in America, (that in their ideology could relate as being the one) one would be hard pressed to name them all. But do they truly understand the outcome of their seemly so off the cuff banter? I think not, I feel it is once more a throwback to the separation of reality that has grown between the mega-rich who feel the need to remain in the spot light, with the retention of “fame” and “status”, to those of the “common folk” dealing with the everyday chore of survival. If we all had the millions, and could retreat into our own bright flashy life styles as they do, behind the fortified walls and ranks of bodyguards, I am sure the need of insurrection would be at the very least at a minimum.

No matter the motives behind the call, it is the call it’s self that must be addressed.

Civil Disobedience, that act of disobeying the laws governing the moral and common safety all of the public, not just the parts you disagree with.

Resistance, to what the Federal government; the rule of law; society in general? By doing so you are promoting what, anarchy? If you resist the government then you are in rebellion. The western coastal states seem to not understand this fact. So sad that the elected officials encourage the destruction of the very process that put them in power, but history has shown us in the last century just how easy that can come about.

Phase One:

I’d say the first direct result of such acts would result in a riot. Riots (some with shades of anarchy attached) in them self can, with great effort and loss of life or property, be controlled in due time. But think of the aftermath. So much waste of everything, and likely or not, with an end result in nothing. Riots give the truly criminal elements a chance to be active as freely as if there were no laws. Think about that. Unbridled “Purge” like atmosphere, if you have ever watch one of the movies. To some I am sure this hits right on the mark. But, what of the victims? Amazingly no one see’s themselves as the “victim” but in pure anarchy, everyone is a potential victim.

PHASE TWO: Insurrection (Rebellion)

If the riots have truly taken effect and raged to the point of not only uncontrollable, but enlarged until certain swaths of cities have been over ran in the flood of anarchy to which the law no longer applies. Then we have a rebellion. Some will say rebellions are sometimes good, as that’s how America came into being. True to a point, the point being in that rebellion there was one ideological thought, FREEDOM. There was only one rebellion; I don’t see that as playing a major theme in the world of today.

My prospective on a modern day American rebellion can only mean one thing, the end. The end all our advancements, our capacity to acquire knowledge, the electronic world as we now know it would come to an abrupt end. Even if our foreign enemies don’t take the advantage of doing us in first.

Good-bye to bit coin, internet, and all that it implies.

So I ask these simple questions; Do they the high and mighty really understand that they have an obligation to understand the ramification of their asinine comments as to provoke a response of the masses? Do they as a part of the population understand that they are responsible for their words the same as we are? Or do they truly feel that they are above such things?

Doubt the power of words, then scream fire in a theater or better still run into the streets screaming “civil disobedience”. Keep in mind this one thought, “Once the Federal or Central government fails, then that is the end of a country”. Regional Division follows, each with their own Warlord projecting their agenda, not the peoples.


Contributor: Eddie Toorall

For the uninformed:

Insurrection (a rebellion against the government or rulers of a country, often involving armed conflict) Encarta Dictionary: online

Riot (a public disturbance during which a group of angry people becomes noisy and out of control, often damaging property and acting violently. In law, a riot is typically defined as a group of three or more persons disturbing the peace for private purposes.) Encarta Dictionary: online

Disobedience (a refusal or failure to obey) Encarta Dictionary: online

Public (relating to or concerning the people at large or all members of a community) Encarta Dictionary: online

Civil (connected with ordinary citizens and organizations as opposed to the armed forces) Encarta Dictionary: online

Protest (disapproval of or disagreement with something) Encarta Dictionary: online

Resistance (opposition to somebody or something /refusal to accept or comply with something) Encarta Dictionary: online