Politicizing Entertainment Awards


Politicizing Entertainment Awards

I suppose in some ways these two words do belong in the same sentence. As for some of the fantastic verbal discourse that has been uttered in the so called “awards” ceremonies of the past few years, are simply laughable.

Entertainment awards, as I would suppose were first conceived as recognition of one’s outstanding performance in an artistic venue. Further, to show the one’s “peer” approval of their achievement’s in their artistic endeavours. But I could be wrong, or at least I think that I am now.

It seems the “awards” ceremonies now are little more than a stage upon which to vent your political views or too bash someone to whom which you feel unworthy. It is no longer that place to acknowledge your appreciation upon receiving the award, nor to share in your good fortune with those who without their efforts in assorted fields gave you the opportunity to even compete. But then they are but the “ little people”.

I do not disagree that one should vocalize their considered wrongs of the world; I only disagree with which platforms they chose to do so. As the old saying goes “there is a time and a Place” for all things. But choosing the where and when seems to elude some people. But again we fail to understand that “we” are somehow not privy to the same world as the “famous”. Those who in their eternal yearning for the adoration of the masses, to which they feel the need to “shock”…”inform” and guide with their greater grasp of “our” reality. In their infinity wisdom feel compelled to use every opportunity to bombast us with their own points of view, even at the expense of others.

Entertainment is to be enjoyed, a chance to escape from our “drudgery” world, relax and even feel good.  Not to be pressed with what others would force upon us to endure, whiles seeking that solace. Too often now it seems, that those who profess a desire to “entertain” us do the very opposite. They in their feeble attempts to “educate” us in to a greater enlightenment of the world’s woes do little more than annoy.

If they truly wish to promote their own political views, then why don’t they collectively form and host a formatted based television show , so that those of a like mind could sit and absorb till their hearts content, and those of us who would rather be entertained, could click the channels.

I mean really “O’ Great Ones of the Silver Screen” give us a break, to simply be entertained and enjoy.


Contributor: Eddy Toorall

Entertainment [the various ways of amusing people, especially by performing for them] Encarta

Politicizing [to bring something such as an issue of public interest into the political arena] Encarta



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