California Insanity



According to a Washington Post article, the state of California has appointed an “undocumented” attorney Lisbeth Mateo to an advisory committee named “Cal-SOAP”, as reported from the office of the state senate president pro tem Kevin de Leon.

I assume that the term “undocumented” here is a substitute for the term “Illegal”?

It seems as reported in the article that Ms. Mateo was born in Oaxaca Mexico and brought to the U. S. at age 14 by her parents. She was educated in California and received a Law degree from Santa Clara University in 2016, passed the state bar exam and  having a private practice in Wilmington California. One question here, how can you in good faith address or attempt to represent the laws which you yourself are in violation of? This seems to be a contradiction of the oath I’m sure she had to take.

Too her credit it does seem she applied for legal status in 2015 under DACA, but was twice denied. Because she traveled to Mexico in 2013 as part of the “Bring them Home” campaign. An Attempt to test the border agents upon returning. According to the article.

The reports cites De Leon Chairs the Senate Rules Committee, which is amazing as there seems to be no rules in that state. He reported to say he picked Ms. Mateo “‘as some one who’ embodies California values, and the American dream”. That is very interesting as its seems California values seem to differ from the rest of the country they no longer consider it part of .

Mateo is quoted as saying ” While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions are being  made that affect them”. With that thought in mind why stop with just an advisory committee why not appoint her Governor? Or at least let the ” undocumented” become eligible for that or any official office, state-local etc.? Save time money and all those ignore campaign ads we suffer, just appoint them if California is so progressive. Then perhaps in time California will vote to rejoin the Mexican Union and the rest of us that take pride in our country, can get on with out their ignorance.


(P.S.) Let me clarify that this article has nothing to do with race, creed or religion etc., it clearly points out the respect for the rule of law. Why do people dance around the word “legal”? It is a plain and simple word, and its meaning hasn’t changed in centuries. Here is a simple thought, would you place a bank robber as president of the bank just because they got away? E. T.


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