Amazons “Man-Slayers”


The Amazons it seems were first noticed by the Greeks (as told by Herodotus in Book Three “Thalia” Chapters 110-116 of the Histories) in the Battle of Thermôdon, of which they won. The Amazon prisoners where placed aboard their boats to be taken back to Greece, but during the voyage the Amazons over power and killed the crews. Not being a seafaring people , they could only drift with the tide, until coming to the shores of the Palus Mæotis at a place called Cremni “the Cliffs”, and proceeded to plunder the land of the Scyths.

Now the story as told to Herodotus by the tribe of Sauromatæ (descendants of the Amazons-Scythians) say the Scythians call the Amazons Oior-pata ( Man-Slayers).

The Scythians were terriblely vexed by the Amazonian raids and could not contend with them. They formulated a plan to send their young men to inter-marry with them , thus reducing their plight. The young men did as told and after sometime they did marry, but unable to change the Amazons from their customs,  withdrew with them across the Tanais a journey of three days, to were they settled and are there to this day.


Title: The Histories

By: Herodotus of Halicarnassus

The Amazon Queen at Troy

Homer in the Iliad is not the only poet to sing of the Trojan War. Several works are built around this even, called the “Trojan Cycle” of several poets.

In one we find the names of several Amazons who were at that time allies with the Trojans and sent warriors to their aid. One, “Then from Thermôdon, from broad-sweeping streams, came, clothed upon with beauty of Goddesses, Penthesileia” and her retainers; Hippolyte, Polemusa, Derinoe, Evandre, Antandre, Bremusa, Hippothoe, Harmothoe, Alcibie, Dermacheia, Antibrote, Thermodosa.

Penthesieia gave a ghastly accounting of the Greeks; with spear and sword during the battles fought before Troy, until she was met by the Hero Achilles, an epic struggle ensued, but with strength beyond compare he over came the amazon Queen. Sorrow didst his heart fill, as she lay upon the field.

With the Fall of Troy all the Amazonian warriors fell, but where not forgotten. The poem is overly long so I shall not recite it here.


TITLE: Fall of Troy

BY: Quintus Smymæus

CONTRIBUTOR: Cade Pomeraan


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