Chicago: West Coast wannabe



Chicago; living up to your gangster history? Already one of the great tourist destinations for the weekend drive by. Not enough attention yet for the homicides, missing all those headlines and breaking news flashes on television? The rumor is that the city council is considering legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Strange, it seems that you’ve forgotten your history of the last century, remember big AL? Remember all the good things that came from his enterprises? You want to add to all your woes by adding fuel to the fires of an epidemic? Forget all those health ads against tobacco, forget all the high speeches on the ills of inhaling toxins in to your lungs, forget that it is against the federal law. But there’s a profit to be made you say, oh wait, isn’t that just what EL Chapo said?

I can see now why you were so adamant about becoming a “sanctuary” city, to advertise. Been watching the west coast news cast through that haze around your eyes? While you are at it why not set aside a “safe zone” so that they can enjoy injecting while they are just recreationalzing <(new Chicago slang, blows smoke ring). Most assuredly this will boost your tourist trade, amongst other foreign trade. Doing the downtown “loop” will I am sure take on a new meaning.

One thing I don’t want to hear from you Chicago is a crying rant about your cities drug problem and the failure of the federal government to help curb it, seems you’ve already decided to put it to the curb.

Rollem if ya got em



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