Don’t sweat Orwells 1984




It’s 2018 and big brother maybe isn’t watching you but everyone else is. Facebook, Equifax to just name a few. Snowden (he’s a totally deferent story) had it all wrong, it’s not the government taping your phones, its Apple, Google, and Microsoft, I do watch the news, but do you, if so are you seeing the same trends as I am. In this age of everything “electronic” your privacy in non-existent, and we give it up willingly.   Ever wonder about those instant upgrades you receive, hmm how did they know I needed one. Simple you are connected to their network, and feeding information all the time.

What is the first thing they confiscate in a criminal investigation? 1. Phone 2. PC, yep you got it, it’s all there. We supply it, freely and without a second thought. Think about this, anything we transmit via electronic device be it phone or internet, goes through a server, which redirects it to the destination of our choice. Each of which in rebroadcast via a satellite link, which means it is a radio transmission, following me. Encryption as we have grown to know is a term in which to sooth our paranoia, but has little to do with a hackers skill.

Data collection is a big business; with an even bigger payout. Equifax I assure you know more about your personal history than the government. Facebook, I’d almost say knows even more. Each day we become more engrained in to the electronic web, it’s easier and faster to e-mail a pizza order than to call one in, now if they could just teleport the thing, I’d be happy. Drone delivery isn’t all that agreeable.

That is part one.  Now for part two.

It’s 2018, and after decades of fighting the good fight on drugs, it seems that certain governing bodies (of whom if you follow this site, I have mentioned) have decided to enact laws de-criminalizing certain “recreational” drugs and/or of providing a “safe zone” in which to apply them.. Why now, I ask myself, and self says back to me “remember your history”, Ireland 1960-70’s. Hmm ok, thinking back I do recall an article somewhere about the U. K. outlawing the prescription of “Quaaludes”. If I am not mistaken (can’t recall the article, sorry) that’s when all hell broke loose there. I could be wrong (but seldom). Anyway to carry on.

 So in my supposition I have formed this idea. The more docile a population is, the easier it is to manipulate and control. What you just heard was Orwell rolling over. Seems to be one of the more plausible explanations. With all the troubles that major cities face in their rioting populations for this cause or that, perhaps they have hit upon an idea to curtail them. A mind set of sedate them with drugs; and then tell them what you want them to know. Just a thought. I am done for now.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this



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