The Opinionated Media



I took a Mass Media course long ago, it was simple I just gave the instructor what he wanted in order to achieve credit. It seems that today’s press is in the same mode I was. I think someone once said, sensitization sells newspapers, if not they should have, and it seems to also apply to today’s news casting. Once upon a time in the dim dawning of the news caster, professional reporting of just the facts was the norm of presenting the news, but now it seems they have to add inflections of their own distain of/or import a slight opinion of their view of the subject matter.  

Where have “just the facts” gotten away to? The major news outlets of the cable world seem to enjoy a lime-light of personal gratification by giving a monolog of self-inspired viewpoints; instead of plain and direct information on a given instance. Where once they reported the news they now expound on how they interpret a given topic, of political or personal matter. For hours upon hours they drag experts on to the stage and quiz them in the direction they wish to make a point, and let’s be clear here, no two networks have the same experts which; neither collaborate their findings or points of view. They seemly thrive in being controversial with a proclivity for promoting unsupportive or un-documented viewpoints. Which seem to be followed in a few days or weeks with a retraction of the statement or the story in its entirety, in a low key back page or late night admission.

The field reports somehow remind me of the films I have viewed of the 1950’s “McCarthy Hearings”, as being loud, disrespectful and combative. Shouting the same question over and over until; they provoke a response, and once receiving an answer; which if that answer is not to their liking, repeating the same obnoxious procedure. Then, standing afterward before the audience; and giving a supposedly informative take upon that which had just transpired; but in my view nothing more than a personal gratification of their own bad behavior. But, it would seem again that they think their slant upon current affairs is more important to promote, than the actual facts and allow the informed to conclude their own opinion. Hype once again sells more that fact. In the 1930’s this was called “propaganda”.

Is it no wondered then that a majority of the public has become disillusioned with the way the “news” is presented, of it’s informative quality of being factual? I know I am, but that’s just me. A news programme should not be a “reality show” it should be a presenter of the “truth” and only the “truth”, forgoing all else. Where have the basics gone? When did they forget their tenets? Social media has shown us lately just how easy it is to “misinform” in an attempt to sway the public in a false frenzy of outrage to further agendas contrary to the betterment of mankind.

In parting I leave you this, there is an old saying I heard from childhood “never believe what you read, and only half of what you see”

Thank you for taking the time to read this.