I was a Democrat


When I turned 18 along with registering for the draft, I also became a voter, and in the family tradition I became a Democrat. Every election since I have voted Democrat; until the last few years. Slowly but surely something has changed in the Democratic Party that I had joined years before. Too me most of the candidates had spoken of love of country, of betterment for humanity and fulfillment of the American dream. Which seemed to me as combination of the above mentioned ideals, that which I believed in or so I thought.

Some say “with age comes wisdom”, then perhaps I just got wise to the ways of politics, or politics just got mired in its old age. The last few years I have watched with baited breath the changes in the American political approach to the “ultimate win”, and that is the goal “to win”, not to advance anything other than their own personal agenda, even to the determent of the nation. What happened to “We the people”? The idea that Congress was to enable laws for the greater good of the nation and its people? I guess that old age over took the original concept and replaced it with a more complex stratagem for the future. It certainly perplexed me.

Back to the Democrats, since 2016, with an overly inflated self engrossed perception of themselves and their ideology, which somehow to me looks as if  has become separated from the basic core values of years pass. The ideology appears to me to be ” if it is outrageous and off the wall, then we’ll call it progressive” expecting the main stream to accept it as a predestined evolution of society, and for those who do not embrace such thinking, well then you are just “deplorable”. Ok, I admit I was shocked when a presidential candidate called voters such, tossing out decades of kissing babies to win the vote. Hillary this alone may have cost you the election. My regret is , even after this I still voted for her, mind sets are slow to evolve, or to clearly perceive a change has occurred. So after the election, which now I am glad she lost, I was dumbfounded when watching the news, I saw this same person of high esteem, proudly claim to be a “resister”. A resister of what? The duly elected official of the U. S. government? The laws which govern those elections, the same laws that would have guaranteed her ascension to the high office, if the people would have chosen it so? So Hillary just what are you resisting or is it the fact that you are a sore loser? So Childish.

But thanks to you Hillary, and all the other influential democrats that have done little more than bemoan, disrupt, and attempt in any way possible to discredit the government that you once valued so dearly, that as of a few weeks ago I became a Republican. I no longer can follow the radical ideas of a party which defiles their oath of office, and their pledge to the America people. One that their basic format seems only too clearly to be “WIN”, no matter how or by what method. Sadly we part ways, and democrats you really should step back and take a look, you might want to view some old news reels of the 1930’s and be surprised  at just how similar your technics are to another.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

A perspective: Eddy Toorall


One thought on “I was a Democrat

  1. I agree with you. I have changed my party affiliation. I was registered a Democrat for years and swallowed every word they said. How the Democratic party was suppose to be for the average, working class citizen. It turned out the only one the Democrats are for are the rich. It seems the roles of the parties have switched. I like Trump and he seems like he is working to try to make this country stand for something once again. After 8 years of O’bama, this country was almost finished. I wish people would get off of Trump and see what he is actually accomplishing for this country. All they seem to want to do is try to find some dirt on him. Leave him alone and he might just be the best President we ever had. I changed my party affiliation due to him and what the Republican party now stands for. They stand for the working class and what use to be the middle class(which is non-existence) more than the Democrats ever did. Good article and I like your blog.



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