California Dreaming


I remember that song, it’s about taking a stroll on a summers day, refreshing, relaxing and totally out of sync with todays California. It seems that all the great things that were expected from the California adventure have gone up in smoke, or is it that the “smoke” has reached the “higher” levels of government? If flaunting the laws of the United States aren’t enough, then proposing laws that are unconstitutional and a throw back to a time in history which ultimately led to a global upheaval, starting with a selfish idea of “progressive thinking” and banning books, thoughts and ideas. It seems that a bill AB 2943 (which I have only read articles on and not the bill)  to wit is an addendum to the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (what ever that is) would ban certain books which the state deems inflammatory? Goring has to jumping up and down in hell shouting” I told you so”. I wonder if anyone in the California legislature has ever read the constitution? Banning books that a government does not approve of, does that come with a snappy slogan also, Heil Brown? Or would it be Comrade Brown? So confusing at times as how to address those of a lofty station. Perhaps even a little red book of guidance furnished by the state so every one would be toeing the same line. But I suppose that would all come after ” secession”.

Another point of confusion on my part is, just how many states or countries is California attempting to divide into? One country or three states? Just what is the plan concerning the division / divisions? Or is there a plan, or is there any idea from the general populist on what the outcome of secession can be? I heard one commentator say California has the fifth largest economy in the world, little thought he had of the fact it was due to being part of the United States, and so well dressed he was. Those dreams are for the anarchist, here’s a hint, no matter what the state decides there is no provision in the Constitution for leaving the Union, only joining. They might want to read a history book concerning the efforts of states in 1860-65 and it’s out come, OH! wait those books maybe banned there.

From what I have seen posted lately according to twitter, the educational institutes are truly bastions of “higher” learning, and of impeccable moral value. Their learned instructors display all the  finesse of a  Shakespearian dialog when describing their joy at the demise of another human being, and reveille in the presumed fact that they are above reproach or censure. But one has grown a custom to such putrid remarks and actions emanating from the so called progressive thinking beings of a “higher” order. Dear professor you maybe able to mask the indulgences from most, but the eyes tell all.

So perhaps “free speech” has ran it’s course in sunny California along with the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. California values are different than the rest of the nation it was once said, so sad, to progress means advancement not degradation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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