GAZA: A festering wound



 This has taken more time than I really like to devote to an article, and I have self-qualms about doing an international issue. But I felt compelled to speak on the issue of the Israel-Arab war, and it is a war, for those who are not a student of history here is a refresher course.

In 1947 the United Nations decided to divide the protectorate of Palestine in to (U. N. [A/res/181(II) A&B-22-A/PV128 {29 NOV. 1947} A/516) two separate cantons with the free city of Jerusalem as its capitol, belonging to neither canton but independent. The U.N. Resolution was called the “Future Government for Palestine” and the “Plan of Partition with economic Union”.

Now in 1948 with the expiration of the U. N. Trusteeship Mandate (no later than 01Feb 1948) the state of Israel declared it’s self-free and independent, as is outlined in the U. N. resolution. The surrounding Arab/Muslim countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq) without any other reason than a religious fervor and in violation of the U. N. Mandate; declared war on Israel, beginning the Arab-Israeli Wars. The ultimate goal of the “Arab League” as they were called was the utter and complete destruction and annihilation of the state of Israel. This in my opinion constitutes genocide of a sort. Eradicating a people because of their religious belief had been tried recently in Europe to which the world in horror resorted to armed conflict to prevent. Today the outcry (of which there was very little in 1948) is in defense of the muslim communities as to the perceived same intolerance.

For the last 70 years war has raged off and on in the Palestine region with little more than a huge loss of live to show for it, in a continuance of angers to which maybe the purposes have been buried so deep in a misconception of ideas as to where the real origins lay. If they Palestinians truly wanted just a free state they had their chance in 1948, but it seems that the men (League) in power at the time wanted territory and control more than the benefits to the welfare of their peoples. I blame the U. N. for the source of the conflict and its ongoing festering. It was their responsibility to see to the division of states, which in their withdrawal without securing the boundaries, or governments, or providing for a collective council in Jerusalem only provided a recipe for conflict. It was their responsibility to restore the rules of international law in the lawless areas of that region, yet they fail to accept their part in it, preferring to meet and condemn rather than act. They provide moneys for relief, but to what extent, to prolong the festering wound? U.N. you have failed the peace loving peoples of the world in your inactions of 1948, and need to re-examine your own house before casting stones.

The actions we see today in the Gaza are a result of failures in diplomacy, failures in intelligent reasonable dialog between reasonable persons desiring a peaceful solution to a wound long overdue to heal. I take no side in this matter, although as a member of this global community it affects me as well as everyone else. But I have to add this personal observation, the violence in the Gaza in directed at whom? The violence in the Gaza is trying to be contained but whom? The violence in the Gaza is being organized and promoted by whom? Peace is attainable if reason prevails and ideology is placed back in the closet.

The Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz defined war as the natural state of man and peace that time preparing for war, let us prove him wrong.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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Non-Self Governing Peoples (A/res/9(I)-C.4-A/PV.27 {09FEB1946}-A/34)

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United Nations: 2nd Session

Palestine Question (A/res/181(II) A&B-22-A/PV.128 {29NOV1947}-A/516)




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