News Media and National Policy Making



Is it just me or is there a trend in the news media to elevate themselves into being the ultimate verdict of all national policies. That being said, I mean it seems to me that no matter what the issue is; the media has to have a opinioned say, and that say should be considered a golden fact by the uneducated masses. Instead of presenting the issue in a unbiased format to inform the public (which seems to elude the programmers); which is not only in the headlines, but in the delivery of the information slanted as they themselves see it. We are expected to take all this closed lipped and accept their logic. If they approve then we should, if they don’t approve then it should be changed. We are expected to disavow the governmental agencies to wit we are dependent upon for the making of such decisions, and go with the press version. So here is the question I suppose is needed to answered, what gives them the right to decide national policies? They are a news platform which should inform us of the every day goings on in the world, not formulate decision making platforms. Just inform us of the happening and let us make the decisions. OK, OK, I understand you make the mega bucks and your heads are in the clouds and perhaps you do converse with the gods, but give us a break let us decide.

Most News media including the foreign press (not all) seem to have fallen into the American mode of reporting on how they perceive the facts, forgetting their basic ideals of; presenting the facts, presenting the NEWS truthfully as it is and not making a reality programme for the presenters wellbeing , in a ratings effort. From what has been reported in the news of late, in stories pertaining to the news presenters, showed me just how really base they are, no greater than any other human on this earth. Same flaws, same weaknesses as all of us. But to those that walk amongst the clouds, they still don’t get it that they are one of us also.

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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