The Americans dream also


The current President of the United States hasn’t received a penny of his salary while in office, but has donated the total amount to charities. Do you recall any other doing so? No, I didn’t think so. How many Senators or Representatives donate their salaries?  None, that would be a news worthy event, from either side of the aisle.

As reported from CNN and CBS, 51 million Americans do not make enough money to adequately provide food, housing, and health care etc. for themselves and families. Such a shame. And the people screaming of the tuff tariffs should understand that with a trade loss of Trillions of dollars, and the outsourcing of jobs, more people will reach below poverty. Think about that Democrats when you stand and shout that you are “resisting”. Resisting the people whose interests you are sworn to serve? Think about that California when you boast about rescuing the illegals that you can neither provide housing or jobs for and that only swell the welfare rolls, which is BROKE.

United States is a great country, but I must warn those that think that it’s all glitter and bright lights, it’s not. The movie version is better than the reality. I am not being derogatory of my country, only truthful. Something that our governing body seems not to have the guts to admit to or say except for a few. Congress if you truly are patriotic donate those salaries where they are really needed and stop lining your pockets. Stand up for once for the AMERICAN people. Put the people back to work, let them provide, let them once again dream the American dream, they are dreamers too. Do something positive for a change other than whining and plotting.

There is a quote from Abraham Lincoln in the banner of this blog, I feel it is one of the most truthful utterances I have ever heard, and for me it says it all.

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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