Sovereign Right: Embassies



The recent demonstrations in the Gaza strip protesting the movement of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem seems to be a statement of just how out of hand the Palestinian issue has become. First let us understand that any sovereign nation has the right to establish an embassy where ever it so chooses, as these are considered to be independent of the host country, meaning it is an extension of the territory of the sovereign nation. Second, as a sovereign nation it is not answerable to any political blackmail from any foreign power or organization, as to its sovereign right of expression as to where it deems appropriate in placing its government offices.

Now, the world is giving too much credence to a terrorist government (Hamas) whose tenets of annihilation of the state of Israel have not changed. That it allows the press to berate the United States for exercising its sovereign right, and victimize the deplorably actives that have come about in the last few months, organized by Hamas against Israel in an attempt to bring world pressure on the U. S. to revoke its previous commitment to move its embassy.

The United Nations in its feeble attempts to placate the Hamas regime with its calls for possible war crimes investigations in to the deaths of Palestinians by the Israeli armed forces, which were protecting their borders from what might be seen as not a protest but aggressive action given the past history of the region. Another failure of this so called august body, considering that a few years earlier this same Hamas was planning suicide bombers in side Israel, and even of late instigating individual attacks. Yet, no condemnation of such attacks against civilian populations inside Israel.

As once stated that “Facts are Facts, no matter how you ignore then” and the media propaganda to confuse the issue cannot hide the facts. There is an agenda in the Middle East, organized by outside governments in an attempt to keep this conflict ongoing, presuming that persistence and public opinions will eventually  produce their desired ends. If they truly were concerned with the refugees then they would have spent more effort on improving their plight inside Gaza instead of encouraging them to throw themselves into the flames of war.

The world has somehow been beguiled by the propaganda of 50 years into accepting the story of misery of the displaced, instead of asking why are they still living as they are. Why have in the last 50 years have they not progressed, improved their living conditions, their way of life? Why? Should not these questions be addressed also? Should not their leadership take some responsibility for this failure? Does the leadership of these “liberation” groups live as their follower’s do?

Should the United Nations look to its own house and see what failures it is guilty of concerning these people? What failures it has compounded in the last 50 years in resolving this ongoing wound.

Back to the topic of this article, if public opinion should be the deciding factor in establishment of foreign embassies  in the host country, then I have a few locations picked out for certain Nations, and may decide to generate a Facebook and Tweeter movement to support them. #GETTHEHELLOUT

Thank you for taking the time to read this




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