Federal Bureau of Investigation and Political actions



With the recent revelations of the FBI having informants inside a presidential candidates political party, on the presumed possibility of a foreign governments attempts to either infiltrate or influence the electoral outcome. Which to my shock at not merely the fact of this, but, that it is seemingly becoming something condoned and accepted.

The questions I have are:

1) when did the FBI become a political guardian

2) is this with in the mandate or guidelines of the FBI

3) Has this been done in other elections

4) was the other party also subject to the same scrutiny

5) and if Americans are truly outraged at the government invasion of their privacy, then why aren’t they over the covert government actions of their electoral process.

As for my part, I have a real concern for the government becoming involved in what I considered “ Santi di Santi” and secure from any covert undertakings. Sure I am not naïve enough to believe all elections are free from each party spying upon the other, that’s expected, or so you’d think. But to have the prime Law Enforcement agency spying upon a campaign, that sends shivers down my spine. Then I have to ask, just how long has this been occurring? Is every presidential campaign being infiltrated? Were the Official’s in power at the White House aware of this intrusive activity, and if so were they complacent with it? If not then shouldn’t it have been a concern to them? I cannot separate this action from the word spying, assuming that other information outside the original reasons for the agent’s plant being gathered and documented, if in doubt research the “Mueller Commission” and its only charges.

Americans have always been under the illusion that their elections are free from any interference, at least up until the last presidential election. Now, have we been deceived by our government for decades or longer, or is this the new trend that has been instituted by the last régime? I have always lauded the FBI on their work and their personnel as being totally dedicated to the protection of the citizens of this country, and absent of any political motives. But after watching and reading, their actions and words, I have begun to have doubts as to their remaining free from political intentions. The American people are the guardians of their own freedoms as it is with all free and democratic nations, but once you relinquish that responsibility and not follow upon the information and reasons things are done in your stead, people will be fed anything. Vigilance is the guardian of freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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