Hollywood, Enough of the Pathetic BULLSHIT



Hollywood what is your real goal? The destruction of the United States? It can’t be just berating the President of the United States and family with unacceptable vulgar language for the applause? Have you sunk so low that self-gratification and a desperate need for a feeling of importance that you will resort to anything? These things you are saying would have cost you your careers a few years ago under the previous government, and caused a national outrage that you would never have recovered from. But now the “elite” as it is stated in the press, applaud your ignorance.

Hollywood, who are the “elite” that gloat in the reviling of the United States, is it the great masses of working Americans who are paying your enormous salaries, while struggling to support families? The simple minded ones you seem to think support your stupidity with a blind acceptance of your every prophetic utterance? You may be wrong. In fact I am almost certain you are wrong. They pay your salary for one reason, entertainment, and not for the disgraceful display of your personal or political views. You also are a paid servant of the people and when the people begin to see through the façade of your vile rhetoric, you shall as once stated “those who sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”.

De Nero, just what point were you attempting to make at the Tony awards, other than the fact you know certain words than most learn in their teens? Other than that, with the clenched raised fist, which personally reminded me of a three year old having a tantrum, eluded me? I noticed that the fabulous Bill Maher has a great desire to see the U. S. to fall back into an economic recession, for what reason. For someone who has hundreds of millions of dollars, the affects might not be catastrophic, but to the American family struggling day-to-day it would be devastating, thanks Bill for your input.

As for Sammy da “C” Bee, and that manic Kathy “ header” Griffin and their loyal following of ingrates of dubious taste or intelligence best I can say is keep resisting and you may soon achieve your goals of government change, and I doubt it will be one which you would like. But then at least you could glow in the accomplishment that you “helped” while awaiting your fates in the camps. Perhaps the “elite” should undergo a physic evaluation as they seem unable to manage the fame or finances of being an “Elite”.

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One thought on “Hollywood, Enough of the Pathetic BULLSHIT

  1. These people ought to get out of their castles on the hill more often. They take every speaking opportunity to run down the President and what he is supposedly doing wrong. What has he done wrong? I haven’t seen anything that President Trump has done that is so terrible. He is trying to straighten out a mess that was left to him by the previous president. Obama did nothing for this country except to try to destroy it and divide us. In my opinion, the current affairs that are going on in our country is Obama’s fault. Obama divided us as a race, as a people and as a country. Now the people that followed Obama and believed every lie he told are the ones after President Trump. Obama left this country in horrible shape. It might not come out but it will eventually then they will see what a “great” president he really wasn’t. He is hobnobbing with the rich that he padded their palm while President Trump is trying to straighten out the mess he was left with. I wish people would get off of President Trump, give him a chance and then perhaps this country will get back to be the greatest country on this planet. Obama left the U. S., with a rating of a third world country. Is that the mark of a great president? No! Give President Trump a chance and the people in Hollywood should shut their mouths because no one gives a damn what they think or say. They don’t live in the real world. Hollywood Shut The Hell Up!

    Thank you for allowing me to vent. I like your blog and I agree with your articles. Keep writing, we need a voice of fresh air.


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