Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid



As we have seen in the last few years, that age does not guarantee wisdom. From Hollywood “stars” and now with the latest anarchist remarks of Rep. Maxine Waters. Evidently MS. Waters hasn’t read the “Civil Rights Act”, or has reached the conclusion that it only applies to minorities and not the rest of the citizenship. A friend of mine recently pointed out that in the late 1920’s a German named Adolph Hitler wrote a book and made public speeches outlining his ideology and called upon the public to “resist” the elected government of Germany. Now, no one took him serious, until January 1933, when after years of brutality and terror by “civil disobedience” he achieved control of the government.  See the scenario?

Perhaps the members of the Republican Party or Government employees should wear some type of identification emblem, as to point out whom the supporters of Ms. Waters should target for their attacks. A star would seem a most recognizable sign.  But, hey why limit it to just these; Ms. Waters make us a list of all the ones you disagree with, just to make it easier to target.

It is one thing for the “elite” and the “resistant media” to spout deranged ramblings to garner mistrust and open rebellion (calling for street demonstrations not peaceful protest) and another thing for an elected member of the Government, who took an oath to preserve and protect the United States Constitution. I for one see the trend of escalation from merely voicing dissent to moving into what may evolve into anarchical destruction.

WE are bombarded with continuous warnings of the “fascist” right; but what are the tactics of the “left” considered to be. Labeling an adversary as the “great evil” in the world is not new; Lenin used this in 1917 Russia, Hitler in 1920’s Germany.  Fear mongering is the most effective form of advancing an ideology. Creating an atmosphere of distrust and apprehension, can further an agenda faster than just presenting the facts. Calling for the disregard of the laws enacted to protect the “people”, no matter which ideology, is reprehensible.

As a citizen of these United States, I cannot accept any member of Congress advocating violating their oath in calling for censorship of any citizen for their political belief. This is an outrage if they truly believe that this a public service, then they do not understand the concept of “personal liberty” or “freedom of choice”.  That is why I say be afraid, be very afraid.

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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