NATO pay your bills


North Atlantic Treaty Organization the bulwark of defense for Western Europe, or is it. Formed during the Second World War by the western allies in an effort to provide a cohesive command structure for the continuation of the war, and bond the allied nations in to a unified force to secure their futures. But has all that gave way to the overwhelming need for economic greed?

NATO held their annual summit at which time the leaders of the allied nations attended to reaffirm their commitment to the ideals of the treaty. The United States has played a large part in this organization from the very first of its inception, not only in providing moneys but also armed forces, with the primary purpose of safe guarding Western Europe during the cold war.

Each member state pledged to provide a certain money amount to support this effort, each doing their fair share. But during the post-cold war era it seems that some have forsaken the need for security, after the demise of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s. Placing the good of their own well-being second to the need of becoming financially rich.

President Trump in his remarks only asked that the member states pay their share that which they have already agreed to in the treaty and called for an increase from all. Now, I for one see this as a strengthening of NATO not weakening of it. If he had as the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudaeu had so childishly boasted as to cut his military spending, I could see how it would weaken the alliance. How do you strengthen a military alliance by cutting military funding?

Tax pays are the ones who foot the bill in all government avenues of spending, so why should the United States take up the slack for Europe, after all it is for their security first. I understand that we as a nation do need the European Union as a friend and ally, but not at the expense of breaking our economy.  If people cannot see the point made about the German energy deal of billions going to Russia (the adversary) then I doubt they will understand what I am saying here.

You do not strengthen a military force by cutting funding; the weak nations of the world have always been prey to the stronger. Those detractors of President Trump in his NATO comments are in my opinion are merely “nay sayers” of any of his remarks, and will not have the fortitude or willingness to admit that perhaps he is right in this matter. The so called “resistance” (their actions reminds me of the term ” fifth column”) to me is little more than a huge benefit to all those nations that work for the destruction of the United States.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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