Federal Bureau of Hoover


Let’s face it whether fact or suspicion J. Edgar Hoover held sway over the United States government with secret dossiers on Presidents, Members of Congress and any American that he deemed worthy of scrutiny. So why are we so surprised at its behavior today?

Educate me on the point that United States Congress; does it not out rank any Department or Agency of government? Isn’t it a contemptuous act for any person or said organizations of government to refuse to answer questions of /or before a Congressional Committee? To refuse to provide documents requested to the Committees of Congress? Evidently the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. (the supreme law enforcement agency and defenders of our liberties) think they as a collective are above the laws which they are sworn to uphold.

I should be surprised, but why aren’t I? When Hoover died he let a mind set in the Bureau that had prevailed for decades, not years but decades. One that he ruled with an “Iron Fist” of secrecy inside the Bureau, of non-disclosure and intimidation of any outside or internal question of his authority. This attitude has been revealed to the public again in the refusals of Rosenberg (documents) and Peter Strzok (testimony).

Let me make this point, The Congress of the United States is an “elected” body by the people with the express purpose of safe guarding the rights of the “people” with authority over even the President (removal by impeachment). The Department of Justice in my opinion cannot refuse to provide Congress any document or information it so desires, if not in open committee then in closed session. Failure to do so is in violation of the Constitution. All Departments of the government are at the pleasure of the Congress, to create or abolish, to oversight and reprimand. People seem to forget that it is Congress that governs not the Departments.

In the news of late there has been a call for the abolition of the I.C.E. Agency; in my opinion the F.B.I. and Justice are a greater threat. I don’t see the blatant disregard for/ or contempt shown by I.C.E. that has be evident in the Justice Department. We have been made aware of the role politics played in government agencies during the Obama presidency (I.R.S. for one).

What gets me most I guess is when I watch a federal employee stand before a Congressional Committee, raise their hand and swear an oath to speak only the truth and then not do so, how can I believe they were faithful to their oath to the Constitution?
People are entitled to think anything they wish, and use to be able to say what you think (that has changed) as a private citizen. But as an employee of the government (federal, state or local) you have a responsibility to refrain from letting your own opinions influence the words you speak or the actions you preform.

The governmental form of the United States in its structure, although seemly dysfunctional at times is still the most democratic in its application. The clearly defined separations of power are unparalleled in history. I am sure the “resistance” applauds the deplorable performance of Peter Strzok before Congress, but then should I expect anything less.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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