NFL: lacking in athletic talent


Ok, I am sure this raises a lot of eyebrows but really, think about it. What talents are required for a line of 300-400 pound men to charge into each other in an effort to push, shove the other backwards? Sumos have done the very same thing for centuries; all it took was a weight advantage, the same with the NFL. I don’t see much talent there. Moving on to the Quarterback, hmm ok perhaps a little more talent needed here, ability to grip an oblong object and propel it no less than 20 yards through the air at a given target, albeit a moving one. But compared to La Cross; a small ball tossed from a small hand held pole net, I concede to the hand eye coordination, but is minimal compared to the net thingy. As for the goal kicker, no comparison to the huge target area to achieve a goal compared to the narrow La Cross net. Running, marginal when compared to others sports, such as European Football (Soccer) who run full out for 90 minutes, or La Cross with speed and ball control essential elements. NFL’ers wouldn’t last 5 minutes here.

If you’ve ever expanded your sports world to include the other less commercial or nationally promoted athletic events, you will see that the NFL is overly inflated for the profitably of commercial enterprises (Brand Names). But for requiring truly Olympic skills, it rates below average. The cha-chinge of the change purse prevails in promoting the NFL as the national obsession, not talent.
Those in the NFL benefit from all our change purses, they are over rated in talent, over paid in compensation to a lack of any objective other than head banging, grunting and shoving. Make no mistake I too was once fooled by all the hoopla, and truly enjoyed watching the action, but then it was a sport not a political venue. I moved on and enjoy re-visiting the really exciting action packed sports that still entertain.
Thank you for taking the time to read this


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