International Political Confidentiality


A Democrat Senator {(Jeanne Shaheen; Per Washington Times: 2018-07-17) along with Rep. Joe Kennedy III} in her ignorance of international negotiations has called for the Presidential interpreters to be subpoenaed to testify before congress on the content of the conversation between Presidents Trump and Putin. Other than being ridicules and absurd, it is an appalling request. If she were aware of geo-political protocols, then she would understand that you cannot have a true and open conversation between national leaders without the guarantee of confidentiality.

This cannot be governed by the attempt to create paranoia in the country by the “resistance” to undermine the tools of statesmanship, which have been in place for centuries and are essential to diplomacy. In this democracy although the meetings of heads of state are at times un-publicized for the expressed purpose of speaking in clear and unfettered tones, it does not imply that any agreements of consequence can be implemented without the approval of Congress.

If she as a Member of Congress were as intelligent and informed of her duties in Congress as she should be, then she would already KNOW this. But some in Congress seem to have this perchance to think that they in their august position can utter nonsense and make it a matter of importance. Truly amazing is just how uneducated some members really are to the due process of government. Perhaps a Course “Congressional Law & Responsibilities 101” should be institutionalized to educate all new members before being seated and those already seated.

If the Democrats are truly intent upon transparences in government then make a law which forbids congressional hears from being conducted behind closed doors. Remove this secrecy from the American public. We have as much right to know what transpires behind those doors as to any other conversations. Don’t feed us tid-bits of “revealing”, “informative” or “new insights”, let us hear for ourselves. The latest hearings of the F.B.I. and the “Russian Probe” instead of cloaking it in the shrouds of deepest darkest secrecy, open it up, we are adults and make rational decisions also, Congress you are not the only persons in this country that can process information.

I am not a socialist but I do believe in term limits on political offices. Sure we hold elections and each candidate must first pass the primary and then stand before the people for approval before taking office, but I argue restraint in all elected governmental offices of reducing the number of times any person may seek re-election in succession to no more than two terms. In my opinion lifelong electors to seats in Congress, lose their perspective of the people they supposedly represent, thus presenting their views and not the constituency.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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