Spartan Kings to 222 B.C.E. – Greek

For the sake of clarity and simplicity these list do not indicate the many controversies which surround the order and dates of the early kings in different ancient traditions. From the fifth century onwards, the dates of each king’s reign and his relationship to his predecessor are given.
Three generations were said to come between Heracles, founder of the family, and Aristodemus, Father of Eurysthenes and Procles, the first kings.


Eurysthenes; Agis I; Echestratus; Labotas; Doryssus; Agesilaus I; Archelaus (8th century B.C.E. with Charilaus/ Charillus); Teleclus (8th century); Alacamenes (8th century); Polydorus (7th Century: Contemporary with Theopompus); Eurycrates (7th century); Anaxander (7th century); Eurycratidas (7th/6th Century); Leon (6th century: Contemporary with Argasicles); Anaxandridas II (6th century); Cleomenes (Son, C. 520-491 B.C.E.); Leonaidas I (Brother, 491-480 B.C.E.); Pleistarchus (Son, 480-458 B.C.E.); Pleistoanax (son of regent Pausanias, 458-446/5 and 427/6-408 [in exile for the intervening period]); Pausanias (son, 408-395 B.C.E); Agesipolis I (Son, 395-380 B.C.E.); Cleomenes II (Brother, 370-309 B.C.E); Areus I (Grandson, 309-265 B.C.E.); Acrotatus (Son, 265-255 B.C.E.); Areus II (Son, 255-251 B,C.E.); Leonidas II(Grandson of Cleomenes II, 251-242 and 241-235 B.C.E.); Cleombrotus II ( Son-in-law 242-241B.C.E.); Cleomenes II (Son of Leonidas II, 235-222 B.C.E. (Dies 219).


Procles; Soüs; Eurypon; Prytanis; Eunomus; Polydectes ( Lycurgus was his younger, according to Plutarch); Charilaus/Charillus (8th Century B.C.E.); Nicander (8th Century); Theopompus (late 8th/ 7th century); Anaxanderidas I (7th century); Archidamus I (7th century); Anaxilaas (7th century); Leotychidas I (7th century); Hippocratidas (6th century); Agasicles (6th century); Ariston (6th Century); Demaratus (late 6th century -491 B.C.E.); Leotychidas II (Distant Cousin, 491-469 B.C.E.); Archidamus II (Grandson 469-427 B.C.E.) Agis II (Son, 427-400 B.C.E.); Agesilaus II ( Half-Brother, 400-360 B.C.E.); Archidamus III (Son, 338-331 B.C.E.); Agis III (Son, 338-331 B.C.E.); Eudamidas I (Brother, 331-unknown date); Archidamus IV (Son, Unknown date -294 B.C.E. or later); Eudamidas II ( Son, after 294-244/3 B.C.E.); Agis IV (Son, 244/3-241 B.C.E.); Eudamidas III (Son, 241-227 B.C.E.); Archidamus V ( Uncle 227 B.C.E.); Eucleidas (Agiad-brother of Cleomenes III 227-222 B. C.E.)


Reference: On Sparta: Tanslated and w/Notes
BY: Richard J.A.Talbert, Ian Scott-Kilvert,


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