The Millionaires protest or the hired helps rebellion

Social injustice a common theme; when you cannot think of anything else to bitch about or at a loss of how to grab national attention to yourself. NFL plays seems to have found the way to milk that idea to the limit. Simply be disrespectful during the national anthem, and get at least 2 minutes of national television coverage, (Warhol’s Frame) which otherwise no one in the world other than their mother would know their names. Not only shameful but pitiful.

What is social injustice any way, is it when you are paid millions of dollars to perform an entertainment for the public, a public to which you loath and evidently consider ignorant to the point that you can insult the ideals of their country without regard to the notions of civility? I wonder if they have ever looked up into the stands and thought about the people who struggled to pay the seating prices. Their hunger to escape the world’s troubles for a few hours and just enjoy the sport? I doubt it. Too wrapped up in their little world of self-indulgences.

Social injustice could perhaps be presented as the difference between the lives of the “elite rich” and the average working class. We are all part of the greater society, yet some are so far removed from the normalcy of ever day people. When you drive a $500,000.00 car, live in a multimillion dollar home; have fans fawning over your every comment, gesture, you in your narcissistic way some how begin to believe you truly are above the masses. When the public is seen as a frothing mass that has to be kept at a distance, so as not to sodden your thousand dollar wardrobe or touch your immaculate person, then, yes you could believe your own comments, actions are inspirational. With that though might I suggest they take this message into the pulpit?

Privilege is a word that has been tossed around with quite of bit of venom of late. But just what does it take to be the “privileged”, that’s simple; it takes a lot of one thing, money. Who has a lot of fast cash? The sports personality of course, and where does it come from, the fans in their ticket prices. People truly amaze me; I mean who pays out $75-400 a week to be insulted, the fans. We the fans (ex-fan actually) have caused this; it is not the result of mistreatment by the public; it is because of the pampering of the public. When the public allows itself to be insulted and its country to be disgraced then there is no self-esteem to defend.

Entertainment has become the platform for political rhetoric not only in the stadium but also in the so called awards presentations, and with heated breathe the downfall and the effort to make out casts of government officials has became the norm in the United States. So much for the “land of the free” what next shall we lose in the name of resistance? When a person no longer respects their own country, how could you expect others too? When a people segregate their selves in to fractured groupings for the promotion of an agenda, there is no hope for unity. When a political party (Democrats) calls on its members to vote simply as sign of support to disrupt the government (Illegal aliens), and not to the best interest of their own citizens, don’t expect much in the way of results or comfort from them.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a lot of social injustice in the world but it seems not to be aimed at just one race, one religion, one skin color, but at a collective. The super-rich thinking they are immune from the ire of the not so rich (I won’t say poor, because that in its self lacks definition to me) in whatever type of disruptive behavior they pursue. Or those who feel that the not so rich lack the capacity to grasp the reality of their own plight and must be re-educated from time to time. Or have a higher understanding of the political philosophical quantum and must fall in line to the professed ideology.  

This all reminds me of a saying I was taught as a child “it’s not the money that makes the person…”

Thank you for taking the time to read this




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