A Personal view of History

History has the final judgement of world and life events. Once I settled in too an appreciation of the written word, reading books, I found that the reality of human events far outweighed the fiction that any mind could conceive. As I progressed into my studies to my great surprise did I find that the some of the better fictional stories had their base in factional persons, events, and places. It was the great authors who in their own right were professors of the arts, pertaining to the histories of peoples long lost to our present knowledge which wrote the enduring fictions around said peoples.

Also true is the fact that I now know, that as the events unfold in our own life time seem confusing and contradictive, that in 50 or a 100 years to come, after all the facts hidden from us today shall be revealed. The truth will come to light, the facts will be known and vindication or condemnation shall be assigned accordingly. The times we live in at present are filled with new discoveries each day in the path of humanity’s social advancement from our darkest past, due to the curiosity and dedication of persons with that thirst for the three basic questions of humanity, WHO were they, WHAT did they do, WHERE did they came from and to whence did they go.

I am confident in the knowledge that somewhere somehow perhaps in darkened musky archives the truth shall lay until some inquisitive mind will inadvertently stumble across. Maybe not the answers to questions which originated the enquires they came for, but the deeper they peruse the more intrigued they become. That unquenchable search for truth to which all historians are addicted too, shall finally ignite their detective urges, for historians are not merely scribes of the present but investigators of the past.

Though perhaps neither you nor I shall ever know the absolute truth of today’s events, be assured that it shall be exposed to generations yet to come. Censorship is the greatest foe to history for its presentation in the present, but oral transmission of information has always been the mainstay of humanity, I still have faith in this. I still have faith in that human need for knowledge, for the truth and the eventual uncovering of such.

A saying I have always found interesting is “those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it” (cannot recall who said it or if that is the direct quote, but it carries the jest of it). Another quote I hold dear is from Abraham Lincoln in the banner of this blog, pause a moment and reflect on those words.

From myself and staff contributors we thank you for taking the time to read the articles presented here and hope they are informative and entertaining.




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