Blackmailers are just people too

The question I ask myself while watching the evening news, about the “hush money” pay offs Michael Cohen is alleged to have made. Then watching Lanny Davis (P.S.> I like the fact he has started a gofundme site to get paid, can see where his priorities lay) gleefully boast about his client’s underhanded dealings, about what seems to me to have been a consensual romantic romp. Why aren’t these two women (Karen McDougal & Stormy Daniels) being prosecuted for Blackmail and Extortion? Instead of being promoted as model citizens who’ve been wronged.

BLACKMAIL [(1)the act of forcing somebody to pay money or do something by threatening to reveal shameful or incriminating facts about him or her. (2) unfair threatening or incriminating of somebody, as a way of achieving a result] EXTORTION [ (1) criminal law the crime of obtaining something such as money or information from somebody by using force, threats, or other unacceptable methods (2) the acquisition of something through the use of force or threats]

They surely fit the requirements for either or both charges. But no one seems interested in those facts. The major story is the President, on how despicable he was in the even considering the liaison. Frothing at the mouth; spitting out the word “Impeachment” with spittle spraying everywhere. Never mind the circumstances concerning the original story, never mind the criminality of demanding  money under threats, never mind the fact it has nothing what so ever to do with Russia. Just focus on the fact that this is so un-american, racist, sexist, and promotes fascism, and this is the only president that has befouled the office, no wait, I thought Bill Clinton did that when Monica left a spot on the rug.

So, why hasn’t the charges been filed, I don’t know, unless this has become an accepted way of gaining money for former porn and ex-playboy models. Perhaps it’s because if the opposition party and the mad dog media don’t deem it a crime to blackmail the soon to be president, its only relevant if his attorney pays up, that’s a crime.

It’s bewildering to understand the logic behind that train of thought, where the victim of a criminal act is under investigation while the perpetrator of the act is viewed as the aggrieved party. Even to the point of given celebrity status, talk shows, interviews and (which I am sure were paid appearances) again it’s just an old time shake down. I not only question the justice system for its failure to open an inquiry into this legal issue, but also the news media for allowing the glorification of a criminal act.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


CONTIBUTOR: Eddy Toorall


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