Is ANTIFA more fascist than the fascist?

First of all I suppose the question is just who are these Anti-fascist? No one seems able to address this question, they claim there is no central hierarchy, no unifying central control or origination structure, but without such, how could they plan, plot or execute the protest/riots which ensue.  Impossible, the scenes I have witnessed on television show hundreds perhaps even thousands of participants at these events. This cannot be possible without an in-depth planning and coordinated structure. Otherwise with just local cells of smaller groups taking action we would see far lesser crowds. The apparent global markings of this group speak of a much larger origination.

Second question is what is their agenda? No protest is just a gathering of people marching around without a definite message to promote. Ok, they are against fascism, but is this all? They are the defenders of our personal freedoms, not quite. With this large a following (I admit that some are merely duped into the main theme) there is an underlying result they wish to produce, but it is hidden deeply in the heart of this movement. By being ambiguous this gives it the greatest chances of remaining hidden.

Third question are they any less brutal than those they oppose? No, they use physical violence to disrupt, intimidate, and vandalize private property. By doing this I can’t help recall the tactics of the NAZI SA (Sturmabteilung [Storm troops]) during the 1920’s in German. The SA were the true fascist, and they had zero tolerance to any idea other than NAZI ideology. They disrupted any opposition meetings with beatings; they destroyed Jewish business and burning Synagogues. Smashing business windows; beating pedestrians on the street without any intervention by the police. It seems that the antifa group has adopted the same tactics. This is a sign that they are not the guardians of individual freedoms. They most assuredly do not safe guard the freedom of speech.

Fourth question is there a global conspiracy? Ok, here is the part where everyone does that little head shake and with a hearty chuckle rolls the eyes. But I merely ask out of curiosity. Could there be? If not, then why the use of a unifying name? Why the promotion of a single main theme? Why the seemingly uniform dress code? Why the secrecy?

Reverting to the 4 journalistic W’s: Who are they, What are they about, Where are they, Why are they? I add the fifth W; What do they hope to achieve.

Thank you for taking the time to read this




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