American anarchy in action

After watching the disruptive displays of contempt for the United States Congress and the disregard for the lawful workings of government, I feel compelled to speak. During the Judicial Committees hearings of Bret Kavanaugh for a seat of the Supreme Court for the last two days the attempts to disrupt, influence or just totally discredit the procedures of the government, came to the full light of day. This was not a protest, a protest presents an opposition view in a peaceful orderly and lawful manner, where as an anarchist has contempt for the rule of law or decorum and works to achieve their aims regardless of whose rights they violate in the attempt. The attempts (which in no way was spontaneous, clearly seen as one was led out, another stood, showing me planning and coordination) to prevent the Committee to fulfil it responsibly to the people, not only prolonged the session but did a disservice to the nation as a whole. The radical resistance to the government that the Democratic Party has so passionately embraced in an effort to discredit the current administration has come home to roost, in the fact that the outburst from the visitors show they neither trust nor accept the Congressional procedure.  Notwithstanding of the behavior of the setting Senators at the opening even before the Chairman had outlined the proceedings.

At no point is this acceptably as a rational conduct for either the proceeding or the conduct of the members or visitors. In the attempt to unlawfully prevent a governmental inquiry by vocal or physical actions is an act of anarchy, obviously orchestrated by an organized group with the intent to stall or close the hearings.  They did not consider the rights of the people to hear and evaluate the worth of this candidate for the Supreme Court. This in its self is a violation of ours and his constitutional rights to free speech. The First Amendment not only guarantees the right to speak but also the right to be heard.

Concerning the so called rebuffed hand shake of the father of a gun-violence victim, I find this as a media unfair attempt to de-humanize Mr. Kavanuagh, when in a point of fact considering the atmosphere of the hearings and the fact that he did not know the person involved, I see no rebuff but a self-defense response.  I don’t shake hands with strangers who come up on me unawares; I don’t think those reporting the incident do either. But I see it as another staged act to promote dissention.

Race, sex, murder sells newspapers, or boost ratings. It’s all about the ratings and money. What the media should remember is that during the Tributes parades of the Roman generals there rode a person behind the general on the chariot, while holding the laurels of victory and glory above his head also whispered into his ear “glory is fleeting”. As so many in the media have lately come to find true.

The American people still, I believe hold the fundamental ideas of this nation in high regard, and are not impressed or swayed by the riotous behavior of a few, but the media never address these people. Why, because they don’t sell newspapers, or make sensational story lines.

Thank you for taking the time to read this




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