For Prosperities Sake

Internal resistance (1. opposition to somebody or something 2. refusal to accept or comply with something) to the elected administration of any government is called subversion (an action, plan, or activity intended to undermine or overthrow a government or other institution). Taking in to account the so called good intentions of the acts which hinder or thwart the actions of said government; this is still a very dangerous method of preventing the governmental control. This definitely is not the way in the United States or any democratic government. Disagreement and /or opposition to political ideologies are basic for a democracy, you say ‘yes’ I say ‘no’. But to actively work for the failure of instead of correcting the actions of a government is insurrection (a rebellion against the government or rulers of a country, often involving armed conflict) this in no way can be justified.

Advocating the assassination (which many celebrities have done) or the call for open populist resistance in the form of “push back”, as meaning a physical obstruction of the members of an opposite political party (in public) or the government officials of a dis-affectionate political party in open session blatantly flaunting the ‘rule of law’ by boasting about breaking the laws to which they swore an oath to protect, to me this is sedition (actions or words intended to provoke or incite rebellion against government authority, or actual rebellion against government authority).

These actions are contrary to all the ideas of the founding of the United States. The Constitution was established to address all the failings of government and to adjust or correct such. Congress should be the more aware of this than any other, they take the oath to support and defend the constitution, they make the laws which govern the nation in accordance to the constitution, and they should not be the ones to boast about violating it.

If this sets precedence for this administration what can we expect in the next? To what lengths will the parties resort to in future elects? Shall we see the military guarding voting stations, shall we read about candidates being assassinated, as we see I other countries? Perhaps we will witness the discontented senators breaking away and forming a rebellious sub-nation, as we have endured once before? These things are happening all around the world now. We have the greatest instrument of democracy to readjust the working of government the Constitution. Instead of working for the downfall of a government let us use this instrument to create the government we can all benefit from.

Congress you are entrusted by the people to be the guardian of the law, do so. The Supreme Court you are entrusted by the people to be the interpreter of the law, do so.

Those that disregard the law have failed to live up to the ideas of the founders of this republic and disgraced your selves in the eyes of the people. Resist all that you can instead of working to repair what you see as a flaw, and prosperity will be the judges never doubt that.

I would sign this as anonymous (lacking individuality or distinctiveness) but then you would have thought this was penned by a 6th grader working on a social studies project.

P.S. If you have read the true story of the Spartacus rebellion 73-71 B.C.E., then you know he was not a hero but a butcher of humanity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


CONTIBUTOR: Eddy Toorall


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