Being American

“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” First inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the 32nd President of the United States was held on Saturday, March 4, 1933. Those words spoken that day where about the great depression then gripping the world and the United States, but they ring as true today about the global war we face against terrorism. Seventeen years ago this date, the United States was shown as to what lengths a radical ideology will drive people to do. Thousands of Americans lost their lives unaware that the mere fact of them being American made them targets for destruction. Though today these memories are still fresh in many of our minds, we must not let the events of this tragic day fade, we must always remember and teach our children, grandchildren that they by simple fact of being Americans places upon them the burden of vigilance.

The world of today is not a safe place, any who think that by ignoring or down playing the threats to security will show our great humanitarianism are foolish, or worse. When an ideology begins teaching their children that the only way to salvation is to cleanse the earth of all who think, pray, or just by general principle live differently that they do, then those who ignore or do not take seriously what is being said are doomed. This day proved that they mean what they say, if no other day has.

We should not fear them, because this is their secondary aim, but neither should we ignore them. Vigilance is the guardian of freedom, ever under assault throughout the world it must be safeguarded as if it were the rarest of gems, for that is exactly what it is. I have written several articles of late on fascist and communist using documents containing their own words in an effort to show that their goals and methods are the same, subjection of the people by whatever means necessary. When I detail ones brutality, I may not point out the other by name but it is implied. Those are just names but their tactics come with many labels, all for a righteous cause.

In a troubled world democracies struggle to maintain their liberties from outside forces, but when it comes from within their own governing bodies openly challenging without due process, then as we have seen before freedom could be lost.

Those we remember today lost their lives because we are one people, one nation, no matter the differences that placed us here due to our birth, or our beliefs. We the people of this nation are the nation. If we do not trust in ourselves in the ideas that forged this nation or in the great achievements to come, then we are lost. For no nation can stand divided for long. There is a motto that’s says it all” United we stand, divided we fall”.

Think of those who gave their all by being Americans.


CONTIBUTOR: Eddy Toorall


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