Hypocrisy of the Press and Media on classified documents

Since the President of the United States has decided to declassify the contents of a FISA warrant the press has all but called the act “criminal”. Claiming it endangers the security of the nation with in its context if released.  I find this strange, as I have witness more blatant security risks by their release of classified secrets in the printed press. 1971 the New York Time released the ‘Pentagon Papers’ by Daniel Ellsberg, these were CLASSIFIED documents dealing with secret information concerning the conduct of the Vietnam War. Wasn’t any condemnation of this act, even though it breached national security. As a matter of fact it was touted by them as the public’s right to know, and presented as an act of patriotism. Then again more recently with Edward Snowden (National Security Agency, 4 laptops with terra bits of CLASSIFIED information) and Chelsea Manning (United States Army, more than 750, 000 CLASSIFIED documents), both hailed as heroes of the people. But which people? Not my hero’s, traitors I call them. Sworn to up hold the laws of the nation to which they betrayed. Yet the press applauded and even awarded them. Academia even bestowed laurels on Snowden, even international awards. Of course most of it came from foreign nations, and why not, it only denuded the United States of their security, not theirs. (P.S. ever notice how all the Russian hacking started after Snowden landed in Russia?)Manning even received a Presidential Commutation of Sentence (January 2017)from Barack Obama, amazing.

But the press or the media did not scream outrage at any of those above, yet praised them in their acts of courage to confront their own government in a dishonorable act. Yet the President which has the authority under the Constitution to make public what information to which he believes is a benefit for the people to know, is ridiculed, berated and slandered. America are you truly that naïve? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this




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