More melodrama in Congress

I’ve been thinking about all the drama queens (who needs reality TV) that are in the Congress; and in the last week there have been a plenty, there are some simple solutions to the political deadlock that seems to hinder the workings of government to conduct business.

First, eliminate the Supreme Court altogether as it stands and a week before the First of October pick a judge or lawyer by consensus from each political party to serve one year. If by some chance its works out to be an even court, then have a write in campaign (citizenship not required) and in a televised event, like one of the reality talent shows, have the three winners explain why they want to be on the court and let the audience vote by text choosing the winner. Truly a non-bias appointee.

Second, Congress is way too large to be effective, it needs to be reduced, to save money and cut out all the BS. One Senator elected from each state should be sufficient, and Four Representatives all elected as non-partisan, and anyone above the legal drinking age should be eligible. Only requirement other than age, should be actual residence in that state, Citizenship optional. This total should be able to do as much as the hundreds that are not doing there now.

Third, Congressional Hearings, what a waste of time, eliminate them altogether. (Refer back to Supreme Court / text vote)

Fourth, State of the Union Address, cost way too much, set up a phone app and for those who really, really care, just text it.

Fifth, Presidential Elections, ok needs age requirement and a possible resume. Requirements should be 1.) Voted in at least one election during life time. 2.) Can walk and chew gum at the same time. 3.) Knows fathers last name if different form theirs. 4.) Not been convicted of any Major crime in the four years previous to the election. 5.) And not be incarcerated during the campaign or eve of taking office.

I am sure there should be more so I will a (Fill in the Blanks) portion.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much I did writing, Thanks


Eddy Toorall


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