Submit or Die (The New Politics)

After watching the turmoil of the last few weeks in the Senate, I have come to the decision that the Democratic Party should change its name to the National Socialist Democrats of Non-Constituent. Most people know the word ‘NAZI’, but do they truly know what it stands for? National Socialist Germans Workers Party sounds harmless doesn’t it? If you discount the history that followed this party to power in the early 1930’s, it promoted itself as a people’s party until it ‘seized power,’ the exact words of Hermann Wilhelm Gӧring at his war crimes trial in 1946. Fascism is an ideology with many names, Adolph Hitler, contradictory to common belief was not the founder of the idea; the Germans were not the originators of the idea. Benito Mussolini was the brains behind the basic idea, and the word ‘fascist’ is not even a German word, it is an off shoot of the Italian word “fasces’ denoting the ancient symbol for authority which was an ax bundled within a covering of branches carried before ‘dictators’ or those appointed as ‘imperium’.

So with that history stated one thing we did learn from the confirmation vote of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, was that no matter the screaming, and intimidations by the organized radical mobs, the Congress still functions and runs this country, and the United States Constitution is still in effect. Well at least for now. Words carry a power unto themselves, berating public officials in a public display for the benefit of the media, is not a protest but an agenda. Threatening the lives of officials and their family if they do not submit to your demands is not a protest but a terrorist act. And the threats by members of Congress to disrupt a Constitutional process is not acceptable, in fact it is despicable. The breakdown of the ‘Rule of Law’ by the previous Administration has given way to embolden the most radical elements in our society. They feel they have the right to press home their agendas, no matter how detrimental it is for the rest of us with impunity and disregard to the laws of the country. Over the last few years the law enforcement officers of this country have not only been the objects of ridicule and disrespect, but open to acts of aggression, whether it is contaminating their foods at a fast food service or ambushing for the sole purpose of murder. Those that are shouting “Shame “ or “It’s my body” at the so called rallies / protest, should be just as adamant about this issue or more so, as about any other. The shame is on all of us for allowing this to happen.

As I stated ‘fascism’ is an ideology that comes by many names, just by labelling a group isn’t enough. It also denotes the tactics used to achieve the goals of an agenda. Socialist / Communism (you know the fascist salute but do you know the communist salute: a raised arm with a clinched fist) can also be placed in this category; it may profess to be at odds with fascism but only in the fact of being an opposing group, not in its tactics, for they are the same. Which is to gain total authority in control of a government. How is this established? It comes about in stages and may take years to achieve. Destabilization of a govern by any means, first by promoting a distrust amongst the citizens of their own government, usually by massed riots under the disguise of a protest of a perceived wrong. Bearing false witness is a major part of this, if you promote a propaganda idea often enough then by familiarity of repetition the people come to believe it as truth. This can be called ‘programing’ or ‘brainwashing.’ Once establishing distrust in the government, you go after the laws and those who enforce them. By reducing the laws to being ‘unlawful’, then those who enforce them become criminals. This releases the normal perspective of respect for the persons of law enforcement, allowing acts of rebellion and aggression, under the illusion that you are righteous and just, and they aren’t. Resistance, is the most powerful word that can be used to insight a person to rebel, it gives the individual the impression that you are a freedom fighter and righting a wrong. Reinforce this word with people of a high profile, someone the people have grown to respect and idolize, and if you can convince members or former members of the government to support and vocalize the “resistance idea” you have a winning formula. Labels are misleading; it’s the actions that tell the tale. History is filled with the age old ploys of gaining power through the ‘liberation’ of a people from tyranny. But the story never ends well for the people.

I have more to say on this, but for another time. These are just my own observations comparing them to the events of todays world and the events I have studied in history. To me the parallels are uncanny.  George Orwell should have added ‘old is new.’

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


REFERENCES: Military Tribunal War Crimes Trials; Nurnberg 1945-46



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