Why the fear of Witchcraft?

I admit that have a limited knowledge of the arts of witchery. But I do have a deep understanding of the Christian religion as I was brought up in its doctrine and educated by its most devout followers. I was taught like most that there is but one true god and the teaching that I was receiving was the true word and the only way to salvation and the heavenly rewards of this religion. As an impressionable child this all worked well. Isolation from the real world in your teachings as I found out later in my adult life is absurd. Knowledge of differing ideas frees the soul and the individual perspective of how other people view the world, either for the good or bad of humanity. To propose that one ideology is totally good and righteous is a falsehood. Any ideology can be manipulated to advance the agenda of a personal idea of how things should be, or as a group based overall restructuring of the world. Religion as well as political, both to me fit in the same category reflecting the above concepts of fear, fear of losing salvation to so called darker aspects of either heavenly riches or political control.
Now with that said, back to the topic of fearing witches. As I basically understand the more fundamental teaching of witchcraft, is based upon the older natural notions of the natural laws of world. Something we all see and experience each and every day, and take for granted. Nature is us, around us, in us, we are but one of the many living creatures of this world. Why should we fear the ones who embrace the forces of this world any more than the ones who embrace death for the sake of salvation in another world. Ridiculous isn’t it. Why forsake this world we all share, instead of working to improve it. But to some fanatical religions and to some extent political agendas, the end justifies the means, and the means are to fear all who differ in any idea other than theirs.
The real world is of nature, we all hear of climate change, no matter the means of such whether from human interference or as the reoccurring cycle of nature, it is a force of nature. It is a thing that shall happen. This the natural world and we live in it every day, so why fear those who truly seek to see the beauty in it?
Religions have always been at odds with each other through the last 3,000 years, since the concept of a ‘one god’ (this is a misconception, dualism is the basic idea, good vs. evil) as opposed to a multitude of gods came into being. It is merely a way of controling the population, even more so that through the rule of kings. Kings only command your physical being through the fact of offering protection as a collective in the physical world, but religion controls through the loss of the spiritual world, that which is ever lasting and eternal. Before the ideology of a single god, all our ancestors worshiped many gods in an effort to understand the only real force in the world, nature, it’s a fact face it. It’s easier to instill fear of the unseen, unknown, and unproven and preached as of a divined origin. This fear of the divine not only encompasses dread of losing one’s own immortal soul, but also used to the persecuting of any other spiritual belief contrary to their own, to the point of demonizing that belief. Such is applied to the witchcraft of the world. Admittedly some do profess to belong to the darker side of this idea, but then again so do some in the other religions of the world. But why persecute one and not the others? There are thousands of divergent sects or cults in all the religions of the world, why single out just the one, in a grouping of a single label.
Witchcraft has been demonized for one reason. The early Christian church, which at one time was a unified body not splintered as it is today. The reason is simple, elimination of the opposition. Anything that contradicts the teaching of the organized religions per se belief is the works of the devil, Satan, which ever you prefer, and must be destroyed. So it began, so it continues. Their technics seem very strange to me today, in an effort to save a soul, the individual has to die, amazing. Death is a reoccurring theme in most religions of today other than witchcraft; they all claim the world must end to free the soul. Why? Why, can’t the soul enjoy a freedom here on earth, now, within the wonders of nature?
Witchcraft is the only following that I have found that does not profess fear of the unknown. It endeavors to study and understand the natural world, using the only true aspects of this world, herbs made from the plants which have suckered us as humans from the beginning of our awakening to knowledge, to heal. So why do the others want to promote ill towards them, I think only to eliminate their way of thinking, so much for tolerance. I see no reason to fear witches any more than any other practitioner of a belief, and perhaps an even lesser reason. Judge only as ye wish to be judged.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.




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