New Features Coming to Your Daily Commentary Gazette

The Daily Commentary Gazette would like to announce some new features coming to its pages. If you haven’t already noticed we have added three new categories for your reading enjoyment, they are:

Quote of the Day

This Day In History

Daily Horoscopes (just released today)

We are in the process of adding a Daily Crossword Puzzle to the Gazette also. You should be able to view it Monday if not sooner. All these new features will eventually be added under the category, “Daily Features.”

The reason we are adding these new changes is that we want you to think of the Commentary Gazette as your online newspaper. You not only get discussions on current affairs, a look back in history and commentary on some of today’s hottest and sometimes controversial topics. With these added new additions and more in the works to come, we want you to come to the Commentary Gazette and view it not only as a website but also your daily source for news and the classics you would find in your newspaper that you get delivered to your home each day.

We hope you enjoy the changes we are making and most of all we hope you continue to visit our online gazette each and every day because the best is yet to come.

Thank you,

The Commentary Gazette Staff


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