An Autumn Evenings Repose

After coming in from a long day in the cooling fall air, the orange glow of the evening sun slowly fading as I closed the door and stepped in to the house. The dim lighting of the interior, I stopped to allow my eyes to adjust, watching the dust drift in last thin rays a dying sun streaming from the slight opening between the curtains. Slowly making my way to down the hall disrobing; as I walked pass hangers; depositing garments as I went.  Passing into the first doorway I came too, I reached and picked the remote from the end table, and in my own fashion plopped down upon the divan, stretching out my knees over the arm, feet dangling, clicked the television on. Pulling the pillow under my head, clicking through the channels, thinking, not a damn thing on worth watching, finally settling upon a local news station. The picture was of a frail man with his coat collar pulled up close to his neck, Bright flashes of red and blue, highlighting his frame on both sides. I turn the volume up as I watch his lips move.

“Tonight’s fall evening quite brutally shattered” I heard him say, his voice a quiver as blaring sirens filled the background. “ Never in my life have I ever seen such gore” one police officer reported the commentator continued, “ rivers of blood pooled on the flooring, body parts just, just, tossed willy nilly around the rooms, as if so demonic maniac, lost in a fit of uncontrollable rage.” Here the announcer stop sniffed his nose and turned from the screen to wipe his eyes.

“The police have confirmed that the three previous scene’s they have investigated this evening, with a total of 8 victims, so far, are connected and warn the public that there is a serial killer on the prowl tonight. Advising to keep your doors and windows locked and to be especially wary about opening your doors to strangers.”

By this time the announcer had my full attention, the legs and slid off the divan arm and I was sitting bold up right. At this very moment the doorbell rings. DING DONG! OK! I jumped, startled and my head wiping toward the hallway, I could hardly tear myself from the TV, but then again DING DONG.

“If you see any strangers in your neighborhood you are advised to contact the police immediately”, the words seemed to drill in the side of my head, when, DING DONG. Sucking air deep into my lungs, I tried to straighten my legs and stand. Slowly, stiffly I make my way to the hall door, standing for a moment in the door frame, head turned looking upon the entrance door. BAMMM BAMM BAMM thundered down the hall as someone hammered upon the door. My heart was pounding louder than the knocking in my ears, weakly I retracted my steps back down the hall, a shaking hand reached for the door knob. A deeeep breathe, and then I turn the knob, pulling slowly the door open. Eyes wide facing the unknown, it creaks open.

TRICK OR TREAT! Uncle Eddy. Two small voices shout.


From the Staff





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