The Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, October 31


Retrograde Venus moves back into your relationship sector today, dear Aries. While Venus will stay in this sector until December 2nd, it will be retrograde only until November 16th. There can be a strong focus on whether or not you’re receiving satisfaction from and harmony with a partner or a close relationship until the 16th. Or, there can be a feeling of emotional distancing or limbo during this period of review, after which you’ll start to put all of the pieces together and feel more confident about making changes. This is a good time to channel some energy into refining a project, especially making something more beautiful! Also today, Mercury moves into your spirit sector and harmony with your sign. This provides a nice boost to your communications. You are putting recent events and ideas into perspective rather than into compartments with this influence. It’s a great time for big ideas that come from thinking in broad terms, but not necessarily strong for their practical implementation.


Retrograde Venus moves back into your work and health sector today, dear Taurus, and for the next couple of weeks, you may be seeing areas of imbalance or dissatisfaction in your job or daily environment more acutely. Take heart, as the review you’re doing now is necessary and is likely to lead to improved conditions in the long run. Venus moves in retrograde motion until November 16th but then continues to transit this sector until December 2nd. This suggests you’ll have many opportunities to bring harmony to your everyday life, perhaps through some trial and error. This is a strong time for refining a work in progress. Also today, Mercury moves into your intimacy sector, and in the next several weeks, you’re picking up all sorts of information and cues that you usually miss. You may be reading between the lines more often than not. You’re bringing more logic and objectivity to matters that are sensitive, intimate, or taboo.


From today until December 2nd, you can be focused on harmony in your romantic life or on getting in touch with your creative muse, dear Gemini, as Venus transits your creative sector. It may not be until December that you feel that things are indeed moving forward, but this is a good time for looking at your creative and romantic life, as well as your hobbies and pleasures, from a different viewpoint or perspective. Venus will end its retrograde on November 16th, after which things seem to straighten out. Also today, Mercury, your ruler and the planet of communication, begins its transit of your partnership sector, and in the weeks ahead, you’ll especially enjoy bouncing ideas off others as it can jumpstart your own reasoning powers. You seek out others, and they seek you! You stand to learn a lot through one-on-one conversations. Negotiations and compromises can figure strongly now.


Today and until December 2nd, you’re likely to focus on bringing harmony, balance, and peace to your home life and family dynamics, dear Cancer, as Venus retrogrades into your home and family sector now. This can have its problems, not the least of which involves the resurfacing of old problems. However, you are looking at these matters in new ways and can apply your newfound insight after Venus turns direct on November 16th in rewarding and progressive ways. Also today, Mercury moves into your work and health sector, where it can do you many favors, with your help, of course! In the weeks ahead, you’re in a great position to reorganize and attend to the details of your daily life. Find practical ways to improve your health and habits, but be sure to balance work with rest, as there is a tendency to overthink, fret, and even pace with this position!


Today and until December 2nd, dear Leo, you can be quite focused on bringing more harmony to your communications, daily life, and friendships. Retrograde Venus moves back into your solar third house today. You can particularly enjoy making others feel appreciated with your special attention, and you might focus on understanding matters from the past until November 16th, mainly related to your relationships. This can also be a time for returning to old conversations and projects or studies. Once Venus moves in direct (or “normal”) motion after the 16th, you’ll get the chance to come at problems in new and hopefully improved ways. Also today, Mercury begins its complementary transit of your creative sector, and in the weeks ahead, you can be finding new mental interests and passions or renewing past ones!


With Venus moving back into your resources sector today, dear Virgo, you’re likely to focus on balancing your checkbook, upkeeping your valuables, beautifying your home (or yourself!), and attending to your personal comfort in the coming weeks (until December 2nd). While Venus is retrograde in this sector of your solar chart until November 16th, you may be reviewing these things and looking at them from a different perspective, at times quite critically. It can be a good time for finding lost objects, money, or areas of weakness in a budget, although, for some of you, there can be a delayed payment to deal with now. If you’ve been dissatisfied with your income or business matters, you’ll feel this more acutely now. Once Venus is direct–from November 16th forward–you can be motivated to make changes based on the reassessments you’ve made. Also today, Mercury heads into your home and family sector, and in the weeks ahead, your family or personal life is likely to be busy. You are more able to discuss personal things in a rational, objective manner, and this makes it an excellent time to get things out in the open with loved ones.


Retrograde Venus backs up into your sign today, dear Libra, and will continue to transit Libra until December 2nd. Until November 16th, Venus remains retrograde, providing you with an opportunity to look at yourself, your personal goals, and your image in a different light. There can be quite a bit of preoccupation with your personal affairs now, and it’s a good time to review what exactly has been working for you and what may have been working against you. Take notes! It’s a truly powerful time for gaining perspective. It’s important to save major changes until after the 16th, but until then, you’ll have opportunities to make these assessments. Also today, Mercury moves into your communications sector, where it will do you several favors in the weeks ahead. It’s an excellent cycle for coming up with new ideas, making contact with others, and enjoying learning endeavors.


Venus leaves your sign today, but isn’t moving forward, dear Scorpio! In fact, Venus is moving back into the sign behind yours in retrograde motion. While this retrograde period will only last until November 16th, Venus will continue to transit your privacy sector until December 2nd. From now and until then, your affections might be kept especially private as you sort out what and who you honestly, sincerely want. A focus on the past is likely now! People from your past might re-enter your life, either in the flesh or strongly in your mind. You experience a stronger need or desire to sort things out. You can’t always depend on others for closure, so be careful not to attach yourself too strongly to something that you may not entirely understand. Also today, Mercury exits your sign and enters your resources sector (Mercury is moving ahead of your sign and Venus is moving behind it). In the weeks ahead, you can draw upon more practicality and objectivity in your approach to spending, saving, and making money.


Mercury moves into your sign today, dear Sagittarius, and in the weeks ahead, you’ll be projecting more strength in your communications. You have been quite private recently, and while this trend will continue for a little while longer, you can be more communicative and “present” with others with this new Mercury move. This is an excellent time to use the power of words to further your interests and attract what you need and want into your life. Career opportunities can arise, too. Venus also changes signs today. Until December 2nd, Venus transits your sector of friends, hopes, and wishes. Because Venus is retrograde in this sector until November 16th, there can be renewed attention to past relationships, and a new perspective can emerge about old issues, connections, and friendships. As well–or alternatively–you may be reassessing a project or pursuit in terms of how much satisfaction you’re getting from it. After the 16th, you may be more actively or outwardly working toward harmony and balance with friends.


Venus retreats into your career sector in retrograde motion today, dear Capricorn. Until December 2nd, you take a stronger interest in harmonizing with bosses, parents, elders, or more experienced people. You’re also considering ways to improve your reputation or your relationship to your career and responsibilities. You may not feel particularly supported until after November 16th, but you can be gaining valuable insight into your working relationships, reputation, and the satisfaction you’re feeling for your current work projects or long-term goals. Also today, Mercury moves into the sector of your chart that rules endings and all that’s hidden, undercover, and deep. In the weeks ahead, there can be a lot of talk or thought revolving around the past. It’s a good cycle in which to learn how to find some peace, to quieten your mind, and to meditate or work in relative solitude.


Retrograde Venus retreats into your adventure sector today, dear Aquarius, after a relatively lengthy visit to your career sector. This can mean a review of (or return to) an unfinished matter or previous condition related to travel, education, special interests, or publishing. You may feel a little stuck in the past or in limbo during the retrograde that lasts until November 16th, after which you have two weeks of Venus moving in direct (“normal”) motion in this sector to resolve matters and take affirmative action based on your discoveries. It’s a beautiful time to connect with people who expand your perspective. Also today, Mercury moves into harmony with your sign and into your sector of hopes and dreams. In the weeks ahead, your mind is more inventive and open, and you can also be entirely focused on happiness goals or your social life. Sharing your thoughts is a keen interest, and your input and conversations are well-received now.


Retrograde Venus moves back into your solar eighth house today, dear Pisces. While it will remain retrograde only until November 16th, Venus will stay in this sector of your chart until December 2nd. Until the 16th, you may be reviewing your financial arrangements or obligations. You may be looking at your intimate life or your dependencies from a different angle, and reassessing whether you’re satisfied with how you’ve been approaching these matters or with your return on investments! This review can give you valuable clues for making changes, which are ideally made after the retrograde period. Also today, Mercury heads to the top of your solar chart and will spend quite a bit of time here, animating your career and business affairs, particularly on a mental level. Your work may very well require or demand more communicating, mixing, and connecting on your part.


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