Doo Daa Doo Daa Daaie Janie

Everyone likes to sing along with their favorite song, but can they carry a tune. Most, like me, can’t. But, that in no way stops me from singing. The same goes for oratory comments from the so called celebrities. Like Hanoi Jane, who if she truly under stood history, knows that the fascist didn’t stifle the media but bought it and used it as a propaganda tool, under Joseph Gobbles, to bring down the Weimar government in 1933. Similar to what we are seeing today. And to be precise it wasn’t a disruption of the press as a first step, it was street action, to disrupt, intimidate and beat their opponents. But that’s her song and dance, as it has always been for the last 50 years, no matter who was in the White House. Too bad her husband Jerry Ruben ( Correction: Tom Hayden)isn’t still a live to help propagate their anarchist agenda.

Streisand, what can I say, her favorite song seems to be “Run Away.” As she is reportedly singing that same tune again, and again, wonder if she needs help packing? If she’ll furnish the bus, I’ll drive and we’ll even pick up De Niro, and Baldwin (if he’s on release), and a few others that are so dissatisfied with my country, as they seem not to claim it as theirs. And so the beat goes on. Yes, Cher you can ride too.

Just an observation, but it seems to me that the new drug laws in California are working, at least for the drug culture, or maybe it’s all that money they have that emboldens them to feel repressed? Singing, I’m just so deprived, REALLY? When they finally get what they think they want, they won’t want it, and will truly leave the country.

Overthrowing the government seems to be the pass time of the rich and famous, and Rosie, let me explain to you that under martial law, you won’t be exempt. As for Depp’s remark about assassination, he got one thing right, he’s no actor.

I once read a quote somewhere, and I cannot recall, who or from where but it went something like this, ‘an intelligent man has something to say, an ignorant man has to say something.” So Hollywood nights just keep on keepin on and one day you’ll all be put in the choir singing Joe Cockers tune” If I sang out of tune.”

 Thank you for taking the time to read this




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