European Headlines: 11-13-2018

Germany: (DW) Gang accused of laundering millions in Germany; The group is said to have laundered drug money for South American cartels for years — above all in Germany. With the defendants facing trial today in Paris, German reporters unveil how they were able to pull it off.

(DW) Europe should focus on NATO; says Stolenberger; NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has told DW that European defense efforts should remain within the alliance. Stoltenberg also criticized Russia over its SSC-8 missile program, saying it breached the INF treaty.

(DW) Angela Merkel and the future of the EU; European Union leaders fear Angela Merkel’s weakened power could be a liability for the bloc. When it comes to political heavyweights in Europe, the German chancellor has long been top of the list.

(DW) Ethiopia: Dozens of top officials arrested; The high-profile arrests for abuse and corruption come as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed implements reforms. The attorney general also accused intelligence figures of an assassination attempt against the new prime minister.

(DW) Italy host Libya summit to end crisis; Italy is trying to show leadership to end the Libya crisis in a bid to stem migration and promote stability in North Africa. It is the first time rival Libya factions and international powers have held talks since May.

(DW) German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas calls for China transparency; Despite warnings from China that Germany should not interfere in its internal affairs, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on Beijing to be transparent about the human rights conflict surrounding the Uighur Muslims.

(DW) Bulgaria opposes UN pact for safe and orderly migration; Bulgaria has said it opposes a UN pact on regulating the treatment of migrants and refugees. A growing number of EU states are voicing their reservations about the historic global agreement.

(DW) Is the EU kowtowing to the Kremlin on Magnitsky sanctions; Bill Browder has spent nine years campaigning to punish Russian officials responsible for killing his friend Sergei Magnitsky. He hopes Moscow’s increased aggression will convince Europe it’s time to act.

France: (France24) France to use social media to track down tax cheats; French Budget Minister Gérald Darmanin unveiled on Sunday a plan to extend the use of social media in the fight against tax evasion, a tactic that was first successfully tried in the UK.

(France24) France to mark anniversary of deadliest terrorist attack; France on Tuesday is marking the third anniversary of the country’s deadliest ever terrorist attacks with a procession linking the areas in and around Paris that were struck by jihadist gunmen on November 13, 2015.

(France24) Death toll mounts as violence between Israel and Hamas escalates; Israel’s military said it was carrying out air strikes “throughout the Gaza Strip” on Monday after a barrage of rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave towards its territory, with casualties on both sides.




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