Napoleonic Wars: Chronology 1814

Events of 1814 leading up to Napoleon’s banishment to the Island prison of Elba.

1 January: Blücher crosses the Rhine River
4 January: Napoleon rejects Allied peace terms
25 January: Napoleon leaves Paris to join his Army
29 January: Napoleon captures Brienne. Murat declares for the Allies
1 February: Battle of La Rothière
7 February: Napoleon again rejects Allied peace terms
10 February: Olsufiev routed at Champaubert
11 February: Sacken and Yorck defeated at Montmirial
14 February: Blücher defeated at Vauchamps
18 February: Battle of Montereau. Schwarzenberg withdraws.
26 February: Augereau advances on Geneva
27 February: Wellington beats Soult at Orthez. Schwarzenberg defeats Oudinot at Bar-sur-Aube
1 March: Treaty of Chaumont; Allies pledge no separate peace. Blücher checked at river Ourcq
3 March: French surrender Soissons
7 March: Napoleon wins Battle of Craonne
9 March: Napoleon is checked at Laon
13 March: Napoleon captures Reims
19 March: Peace negotiations at Châtillion finally broken off
21-22 March: Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube
25 March: Battles at Fère-Champenoise
27 March: Napoleon routs Winzingerode
30 March: Battle of Montmartre: Paris capitulates
4 April: Marmont’s corps defects to Allies
12 March: Napoleon abdicates unconditionally
13 April: Napoleon attempts suicide, but recovers
4 May: Napoleon disembarks at Elba


SOURCE: NAPOLEON: The Last Campaigns 1813-15; BY James Lawford
CONTRIBUTOR: Martin F. Elkins


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