Where You Born on Sunday, November 25th

Happy Birthday!

Let’s hear it for the zodiac’s adventurous Archer

When it comes to learning anything, you’re much more into the whys than the ABCs. Keep that in mind when you choose classes and careers.

If you were born on November 25, you know how to kick butt, take names, and get stuff done! You are a person of action and are truly talented when it comes to decision-making. The less time you waste on weighing your options, the better. This will get you far in life very quickly! At a young age, you might have started a family, collected a series of trophies or medals, or accepted the career position you were aiming for. Just don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the little details life has to offer. Spend time with your loved ones doing nothing and enjoying the heck out of it!

At your best: Accomplished, thorough, loyal
At your worst: Judgmental, impatient, alone

More About Sagittarius

It’s your birthday and you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops! It’s not that you’re looking for adoration or a bunch of gifts — nah, that’s not your style. You, Sagittarius, are simply so darned happy and grateful to be on this planet and you want to celebrate the fact that you have another year of adventures to look forward to. For you, life is, has and always will be about the journey. With each birthday comes the opportunity to make that journey even more phenomenal.

A Progressive Party

Exploring your intellectual, physical and spiritual horizons are what make life worth living in your eyes. As a result, you’re always seeking a new way to grow whether through travel, study or a pie in the sky adventure. In addition, you tend to eagerly pursue insight the way other signs go after fame or riches. On your birthday you will most appreciate words of wisdom from a mentor you respect.

You’re zealous, optimistic and brutally honest. You may be short on tact however — especially when someone asks your opinion … or gets you a birthday gift you don’t like. You’re not one to sugarcoat the truth, and for some, that pill is hard to swallow! You might also have a self-righteous streak if you believe unflinchingly in one of your ideologies. Remember that everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and if it’s not in line with yours, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s wrong. On the bright side, you’re filled with faith and a happy go lucky attitude. You know things will always work out and that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always land on your feet.


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