JUPITER, the beneficiary and visionary planet of abundance, good fortune and opportunity will move to the sign it rules on November 8th 2018 for a 13 month duration. During this time, each sign will capitalize and use the energy in a different way. Here is an overview of how that can look for you.


Success Code: Make decisions. You are Passionate. You put massive amounts of action into whatever you do.
Your Challenge: Not to make rash decisions. and not to be too impulsive .
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Your area of soul purpose. Follow your heart. The money will come. Be strategic with planning. Think through what you want.

Success Code: You are Persistent. And you never give up!
Your Challenge: You don’t like change. And you are hesitant to step out of comfort zone
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Learn about investments. Knowledge makes you feel safe. Focus on end result. One step at a time. Feel the fear. And just do it!


Success Code: You educate yourself. You’re smart. Inquisitive
Your Challenge: Take on too much. Distracted-Less Productivity
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Watch for chance meetings – Synchronicity. Connect with those who live the life you want. Love, luck and money can combine. Prioritize. Make a daily To-Do-List

Success Code: Follow your Instincts. If it feels right-you do it. You are a savvy smart operator.
Your Challenge: You can be changeable with mood swings, and go purely with your emotions over logical thinking.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Help others with their goals and yours will materialize, too. Focus on health / wellbeing. Achieve a level of balance. Be your best self.

Success Code: Bold, Brave and Beautiful. Your are Positive and Productive.
Your Challenge: You can take over. You can also be very bossy. Self Focused. And you often make assumptions.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Be creative and think outside the box. Sell, negotiate and make the deal. Expect the best and that’s what you will attract.

Success Code: Perfectionist. Detailed oriented and you are an excellent support person.
Your Challenge: To get beyond yourself to visualize the grand plan. Connect with family.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Teach those you love how to be financially independent. Invest in real estate. Work from home

Success Code: You are a very fair person and diplomatic. People person. And you look at pros & cons before making a decisions.
Challenge: To let go of a need to fix everything and everyone. Let life be. And let others live as they feel fit.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Financial education. Learn as much as you can and pass on to others. You are both the student and the teacher. Write a book.

Success Code: You are smart, shrewd and strategic. You are also capable of stepping out of comfort zone to get what you want.
Your Challenge:  To trust others, and no be worried or skeptical about their intention. And to accept unconditionally.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Money management and diversity. Self-empowerment. Mind power. The more you believe you are worth more the more you will receive.

Success Code: You are positive. You are also fortunate in life and blessed to have a visionary outlook and adventurous spirit.
Your Challenge: Focus on the details. Operate and act in the here & now
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Stand by-Opportunities! People, things, situations are abundant in your life now, but it’s up to you to take action. Choose for the right reasons. Think big!

Success Code: Ambitious. Consistent. Focused. Organized. Controlled. Methodical
Your Challenge: To take more action, and be less in control. Think on feet. Let life get messy
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Dream Big! Visualize what you want, see yourself there. Do the inner work. Let go of the past & self imposed limitations. Open to abundance.

Success Code: Highly Creative-Intellectual Once you gather the knowledge you have the Know-How to put it into action
Your Challenge: To combine logic with instincts. And to be less in your head so you are more approachable
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Socialize. Connect and combine efforts with like-minded people. Give back and give knowledge to help others.

Success Code: You are imaginative. You dream Big and visualize. And you are very engaging and present with people.
Your Challenge: To you combine idealism with realism. And to not be too sensitive
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Career advancement, development & promotion. You can be in right place right time. Trust universe to provide. Think abundantly.

Jennifer Angel


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