Which is the Worst Zodiac Sign? Which is the Worst Zodiac Sign?

Which is the Worst Zodiac Sign?

A tongue-in-cheek look at which is the absolute worst zodiac sign, and why it is probably yours. To be fair, there is no absolute worst sign. We are all as bad (and good) as each other, but it’s fun to compare our negative traits. At least we can aspire to overcoming, or accepting them and becoming the wonderful human beings we are meant to be.

Aries: Hot-Tempered, Arrogant, and Impatient

Energetic, inspiring and outgoing, yet if there’s one group of people who have the worst temper tantrums, Aries is it. When you can’t get your own way, when someone lets you down, or simply when you are unable to control events to your satisfaction, that’s when the bottom lip sticks out and you enter a foot-stamping meltdown. Of course, you know it’s all your fault: you weren’t listening, or you thought you’d do it your way, or maybe you couldn’t find that little bit of necessary patience? That’s why Aries is the worst zodiac sign.

Taurus: Materialistic, Stubborn, and Lazy

Pleasant, appreciative and kind, Taurus, most of your negative traits are because you are like an immovable object. If you don’t want to do something, you won’t. If you dislike something or someone, your famous passive-aggressive responses come to the fore. Oh, you smile, you are sweet, yet no-one can make you change your mind or ask you to do that thing you just don’t want to do. We don’t expect you to change, Taurus. That’s why you are the worst zodiac sign.

Gemini: Garrulous, Disloyal and Superficial

Laser-sharp wit, quick to learn, and always full of ideas, Gemini. Yet those very traits cause your problems. Your mind flits from one fascinating topic to another, leaving everyone in your wake, wondering how they can pin you down and keep you on track. It’s not possible. You see something pretty and you have to follow it. Even if it means telling the odd lie in the process. Take responsibility? Oh no, not you; responsibility is for other people. And we’ll never expect you to keep a secret. That’s why Gemini is the worst star sign.

Cancer: Moody, Clingy, and Over-Emotional

Kind, generous, nurturing Cancer. Even you have your down-sides when things go wrong. And if someone upsets or criticizes you, you’ll remember it for years. Holding a grudge is a specialty of yours. Anxiety, as well as caring, causes you to phone your daughter at least five times a day, even when she’s in a meeting. Or to call your mom seven times a day to check she’s okay. Most of the time you create your own issues out of nothing. That’s why Cancer is the worst zodiac sign.

Leo: Egoistic, Domineering, and Demanding

Energetic, loyal and generous, Leo sometimes suffers from the effect of the fire element of their sign. You strut, you preen for your adoring minions. You are always convinced you know best, never considering that others have a valid point of view. It’s always now, now, now. When you can’t have it all right now, you have a hissy-fit. Because why can’t you? After all, you are you, and you are the King (or Queen) of the world. That’s why Leo is the worst.

Virgo: Fussy, Critical, and Judgmental

Practical, helpful and detail oriented, Virgo takes their positive traits and mashes them until they become negatives. Paying attention to detail becomes petty obsession. Helpful becomes over-critical, and practical becomes harsh and demanding. When others don’t quite reach your high standards… well they are just awful people, aren’t they? Your perfectionism is strangling you, Virgo, and that’s why yours is the worst zodiac sign.

Libra: Indecisive, Shallow and Indolent

Kind, easy-to-please, sweet-natured Libra. So easy-going you are often pulled into activities you’d rather not take part in. Your inability to stand up for yourself gets you into trouble. You are a world-class avoider. You think you are diplomatic, while we know you are taking the path of least resistance. Hopeless with your finances, often late, and you don’t like cleaning up after yourself. That’s why Libra is the worst zodiac sign.

Scorpio: Jealous, Secretive, and Manipulative

Faithful, generous, and courageous, Scorpio. Your passions run deep. So deep that part of your psyche resides in a very dark place. You have thoughts that would make Stephen King quiver in fear. And let no one on this earth ever disagree with you. Should they have the temerity to do so, they will be banished from your sight immediately. You will tell everyone you never hold grudges, while continuing to hang on to every slight. That’s why Scorpios are just the worst.

Sagittarius: Tactless, Reckless and Feckless

Curious, explorative, and friendly, Sagittarius considers themselves to be near perfect. However, they have no idea when they blurt out their truth, how much it can hurt or anger others. You just don’t think before you speak. We know you are simply being honest and saying it like you see it, yet not everyone approves of this approach. We avoid talking politics or religion with you. And that’s why Sagittarius is the worst zodiac sign.

Capricorn: Reclusive, Controlling, and Entrenched

Disciplined, wise, and patient, Capricorn is probably the most detached sign. You don’t do anything until you’ve worked out the benefits to you. Everything you do is a step toward your ambitions. Added to that, the fact that you never actually want to interact with anyone unless they can help you along the way is off-putting, and, frankly, boring. That’s why the Capricorn zodiac sign is the worst.

Aquarius: Outrageous, Unpredictable, and Inconsistent

Friendly, intelligent, creative Aquarius, the mysterious one. You do know that you are flakiest sign, don’t you? Never do what you say you are going to do. Hardly ever finish what you started. Flaky. And we never know who you are from one day to the next. You never remember our birthdays, and you hang out with some very strange people. You are a law unto yourself and that’s why Aquarius is the worst zodiac sign.

Pisces: Over-sensitive, Pessimistic, and Idle

Kind, compassionate, and imaginative Pisces. Bored easily but you are reluctant to make any positive changes, mainly because you are too lazy. Sitting in your armchair telling us how you could change the world, but really you want the world to change for you. You are not proactive in any sense—you prefer to leave all that to other people. You are not a great judge of character either, look how often you have been misled and conned. That’s why Pisces is the worst sign.



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