Today’s Extra: How to Avoid a Holiday Accident

How to Avoid a Holiday Accident

The holidays can be a great time to rejoice with family and close friends, however, you choose to celebrate it. Unfortunately, this time of year can also bring about an unexpected holiday accident. Whether it be decoration-related, undercooked holiday foods that make you ill, or personal injuries that only seem to happen around this festive time of year – here are 6 tips that will help you avoid them altogether


Invest in a Meat Thermometer

The days of leaving a fully-cooked turkey up to chance is a thing of the past. With modern technology, there really isn’t an excuse for meat being undercooked in a social gathering. If you’re notorious for undercooking the turkey at Thanksgiving or leaving the ham a little… chilly, pick up a handy meat thermometer while you’re at the store. Trust me, it’ll help ease the several hours of stress worrying whether your guests will be going home with more than a full stomach. You can find helpful tips on how to properly test the temperature of meats in this article here.


Monitor your Holiday Lighting- Watch out for Fire Hazards

What many don’t realize is Christmas trees are highly flammable. Any type of spark or flame can quickly leave your tree engulfed in flames. Fires and burn injuries are common throughout this time of year because of this. Many people have old Christmas lights they leave on all night unattended. This is very dangerous.

Invest in a “Smart Plug”

If you’re the type of person who likes having the lights on until a certain time of night, which may also be past your bedtime, invest in a scheduling monitor for your lights. “Smart Plugs” can be used to schedule times to turn your lights on and off, while also saving you money on your electricity bill by turning off power to unused appliances. You can do this for both your indoor and outdoor lights. You can find tons of different options on Amazon and the Google store.


Last year, more than 14,000 people went to the emergency room for injuries caused by Christmas decorations.  Lacerations, strains, sprains and contusions were the most commonly reported injuries.  If you are hanging glass bulb ornaments on the tree, make sure they are hung high enough so that children and pets cannot reach them.  Use caution when pulling boxes of decorations out or putting them away as these activities are a leading cause of related E.R. visits.


Pay Attention When Driving

Winter can be a very dangerous time for roadway drivers. Things like black ice, flooding, harsh weather conditions, and distracted or drunk drivers are all elements that can increase the likelihood of a dangerous accident.

Drive Slow

Be extra careful when driving throughout the holidays – monitoring speed, increasing following distance to 8-10 seconds, and always watching the road around you.

Watch out for drunk drivers

Drunk drivers are also more likely to hit the roads around this time of year so watch out for swerving cars, reckless driving, and report drunk drivers to your local law enforcement when you can.


Ladder Tips

Many people visit the urgent care around this time of year as a result of a slip & fall accident, many of which are attributed to ladder falls. Common mistakes on handling and properly standing a ladder can lead to mishaps and, unfortunately, serious injuries.

Here are a few common ladder-handling tips that can help make sure your back and decorations are in tip-top shape:

  • Place ladder up on a flat and stable ground, away from power lines and doors
  • Have someone to act as a spotter to hold the ladder still for you or to call for help need be
  • Wear close-toed shoes with a gripping sole
  • NEVER stand on the top rung
  • Only have one person on the rungs of the ladder at a time

Save the accidents for another time of year and use these tips mentioned to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones during this festive time of year.


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