Political Hollywood

Hollywood politics is like graffiti, it pops up out of nowhere, looks bright and colorful at first, but defaces public property and usually disgust more people than it amuses, then as the artist moves on to something bigger and better, just seems to begotten or fades away.  

My thought is, when you are an aging cinema star, seemingly forgotten in your golden days, with a career that is at a dead end, your agent calls and says ‘hey how about you do a political bashing of the president, I can assure you national coverage , and get your name right back out there.’ And it seems to work.

But do people really care? Not really, at least I don’t, want to know why? Because are their ideas any more important than mine, NO. Are they any more intelligent than I am, NO. Were they born of woman, and struggled to live in this world, well ok maybe that’s a, YES.  Are they truly committed to the bullshit propaganda that they spout, NO. Do they ever present an answer to the solution, NO. Are they after attention so that their careers will revive, damn another, YES.  Will what they say in that fifteen minutes that are to enlighten and change our lives, affect theirs, NO. Will their public appeal to the masses increase, NO. Will their agents rake in the money from their outburst, you betcha baby, YES. Will the commentator’s rateings soar, Yes. Damn, and I wanted this to be a negative piece, way too many YES’s.  Is society better off with wisdom of doom and gloom, NO. Can I be at a Steak n Shade when a millionaire celebrity buy burgers< doubtful. Do they have more money to party with than I do, hell YES.

Political conversations are not new, but bashing for the sake of notoriety, is immature no matter at what age.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eddy Toorall


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