Today’s Extra for January 18: 7 Houseplants to Beat the Winter Blues

7 Houseplants to Beat the Winter Blues

Because of their many benefits for mind and body, houseplants are a great way to get through the short days of winter.

I’m a winter woman – I love the frigid air, the snow, the coziness of it all. But the sunsetting-at-4:28-pm business is a bit disconcerting, and for a lot of people, the diminished sunlight is truly problematic. I used to quip that the best way to get through winter is with sunlamps and vodka … to that I should add a more efficacious solution: Houseplants!

The benefits of houseplants are really pretty amazing. From filtering the air and increasing oxygen levels to boosting healing and increasing focus, these humble organisms are some very hardworking allies. (See more on their benefits in the related stories below.) Meanwhile, just their presence in the house can turn up the happiness level. One study from the University of British Columbia concluded that by pondering the nature around you, general happiness and well-being will increase – even if that “nature” is living in a pot on your windowsill.

With all of this in mind, I think it’s officially time to add some houseplants to the prescription list for winter blues. Here are some great ones to start with.


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