Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 21

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 21

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


With the sun moving into analytical Aquarius and instigating a stunning full moon in Leo, we can begin to see beyond the depths of winter to the gradual increase in daylight and the romantic change we seek.

But not all of us like change, nor seek it. Some, usually the more cautious, so-called ‘fixed’ signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, prefer to stick to the tried and trusted. They require order in their life, or need to control or be sure the steps they are taking are the right ones. So this week, if you are one of those signs, or your partner or lover is, remember that changing your attitude to change itself is the best remedy right now for getting exactly what you want, when you want it.



Right now, anything can be sorted out, within reason, particularly personal goals. But it’s hardly surprising you feel pressured by other people’s stress. With an enterprising attitude to your own lifestyle and the way you’re going to live it from now on, focus on your love goals, say no to compromise, and say yes to a boost of self-worth.




You have a renewed passion for all you’re about to achieve. In fact, you’ve become totally aware of your talents and ready to unleash them on loved ones. Remember, whoever we are, whatever we think ourselves to be, we can never escape ourselves. Right now, the cosmic energy is giving you a very clear mirror of who you really are.




For a long time now, something inside you has been saying, ‘anything for an easy life,’ but there’s a teeny bit of you which longs for more excitement or just someone to smile at you in ’that special way’.  So this week, it’s time to make a wish. A wish that you know will change your life for the better. Remember, what comes true is usually that which we truly believe in.




Those things we long for are actually the very things we can learn to develop in our own love life. For example, if you envy those who appear to have stable relationships, it’s likely that deep down inside, you need to unleash your sensible side. Time to bravely change your attitude and you change your relationship for the better.




With the full moon in your own sign, and with so much focus on making new decisions, you’re ready to be more expressive to loved ones than you’ve ever been before. One minute you want to give more of your time to your career, then, the next minute, you feel ready to settle down in the countryside. It’s time to be true to your desires and make the right choice.




Dreaming about what you can do in a love relationship is one thing, but you’ve also realised you have to communicate it all too. You may feel regrets from the past overcoming you again, and you may sort of feel as if you just don’t seem to get your message across. But from the end of this week, you can. Then it’s time to be a bit of a brave and true heart and discuss your feelings openly.




With the sun moving into fellow air-sign, Aquarius,  it’s hardly surprising you’re fired up for all kinds of romantic action. Just take care you don’t miss out on new love, or the revival of an extraordinary affair. Re-open the intuitive channels, tune into the moods around you, and make a very life-enhancing choice.




Fixed sign or not, deep down in your soul, you know that if your life gets too routine, you’ll only end up rebelling. So get out and about with your lover or partner, plan future changes, travel or new projects. Now’s the time to get out of a rut fast, especially when the sensual side of you seeks liberation.




Think carefully about what you are feeling now. Are you ready to leap into new action, or to take a romantic opportunity that comes you way? And if so, are you happy to pay the price? It could be an expensive few months ahead, but the investment will soon be worthwhile.




There is a side to you which yearns for an unconventional love life, or maybe total independence. But there is also a part of you which needs to live like others too. Whether single or attached, this is giving you much food for thought. Drop the ideals, it’s time to trust in the kind of love that brings you back to reality.




With the sun in your sign and a full moon in your love angle, it’s hardly surprising you’re in the mood for romance. Use this empowering creative force to strengthen your own sense of identity and make something real in your love life. Then you can be loved for the truly reliable person you actually are.




How can you maintain a love relationship and still honour your personal freedom? Living together makes sense financially, and, of course, there are many other benefits. But the desire for a little more independence is getting to you. This week, you will be tested in your loyalty and desires, but in the weeks to come, you will know where your true path lies.



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