Today’s Extra for January 24: Wait, There’s Herbal Tea for Dogs?

Wait, There’s Herbal Tea for Dogs?

Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot herbal tea to soothe anxiety, calm digestion, and make the world seem just a little more peaceful? Well, you’re not the only one who enjoys a good cuppa. That’s right—dogs can benefit from herbal teas, too!


Yes, it sounds a little odd, but similar to humans, herbal tea for dogs can provide some major health benefits.

Depending on the blend, herbal teas can do a lot to soothe stress and anxiety that some dogs can experience when home alone or traveling. They can also soothe digestive upset, support healthy appetite and encourage better digestion—just the thing for combating those stinky dog farts! And certain herbal teas can sweeten up even the nastiest dog breath.

Doesn’t seem quite so crazy anymore, right?!

Of course, dogs aren’t going to beg for herbal tea in the same way they do for a glob of peanut butter or jerky, but many dogs do enjoy it. Dogs with anxiety often seem calmer and more balanced after slurping up certain herbal concoctions—just ask Emma Witkowski, founder of Barking Mad Creations. Her dogs were incredibly anxious after a big move from England to California. New place. New food. So, she gave them herbal tea. The dogs became calmer, more balanced and happier (and so a new business was born)! And for your pup with the nasty garbage breath, herbal tea can make their kisses a lot more bearable—a major plus.


Of course, not all teas are dog-friendly. You shouldn’t give caffeinated tea to your dog, for instance. And when it comes to herbs, make sure your pups are consuming only veterinarian-approved concoctions or blends specially formulated for dogs.

Some dog-friendly herbs Witkowski uses in her blends include:

  • For anxiety soothing: rose petals, passionflower, skullcap, oat tops
  • For digestion support: oregano leaf, astragalus root, chamomile flower, marshmallow root
  • For bad breath: parsley leaf, fennel seeds, cinnamon chips, sage leaf

You can make herbal tea for your pup the same way you make it for yourself. Steep a bag or two (depending on the size of you dog) in boiling water. The only difference is that it is absolutely essential that you let the tea cool completely before serving it to your canine friend. Otherwise, they can get seriously burned.

Always consult your vet before starting your dog on herbal teas, especially if they’re on any prescription medications. But as long as your vet is on board, herbal tea for dogs can be a healthy and safe way to keep your best friend healthy. And your pup is sure to lap it up.



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