Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 28th

Your Love Horoscopes for the Week of January 28th

Sarah Bartlett, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


As Mercury charges on through quizzical Aquarius, the planet is giving us objective thoughts about where we truly want our love life to go. Is it a romantic escapade to the stars and back, or a more realistic two-some, where we accept each other’s faults and don’t judge one another for those failings?

Whatever you now want love to be, this week the universe will oblige if you place all your belief into the soul of love’s mystery itself.



This week you have itchy feet, and you just long to get out of the house and on with a new romantic adventure. In fact, there will be more than just one outing, as you also set off to discover if your relationships are as reliable as you thought them to be. With enlightenment comes a new perspective.




Romance is a little fragile this week, and you really can’t see any way to make it more solid. But at least you can plot, plan and see how to adapt or take a more laid back approach. Just take care, what you see isn’t always what you get, and what you hear isn’t always the truth.




A new-found wisdom about other means you can be realistic rather than idealistic. The reality is, that the things that drive us wild about someone when we first meet are usually what drives us up the wall a few years down the road. This week, you learn to balance ideals with reality and focus on how to make your love life work.




Make the most of this week’s energy to prove that what you have to offer is the true, loyal, and loving you. Tell someone your deepest thoughts. Express and share your warm and nurturing heart, and never give up on that need to belong to something, whether to a family, a lover or just to your own self.




This week, you will begin to be noticed by someone special or someone is going to see you in a new light. From the heady heights of being in the spotlight, you will also begin to realize how to make compromises, and ones which will work in your favour and for your long-term benefit.




What many water signs are experiencing at the moment is a sense of feeling lost, or of having to reluctantly let go of this or that.  But when something is lost, something is also usually found, and this week you begin to see exactly what that is and reclaim it for yourself.




Full of joie de vivre, you’re chatting to everyone and loving yourself.  It’s hard keeping up appearances and looking good too, isn’t it? But you can begin to see your love life for what it is. And that means take the right steps to be true to your values and accept your need to be centre-stage.




You’ve been a little slow in getting to grips with a love issue and you realise that denial is taking you nowhere fast. In fact, the more you ignore the voice of conscience, the more you are getting into tricky waters. Time to take a deep breath and say what’s on your mind. Then you can get on with living an interesting life again.




It’s timely to reflect about love and life and ask yourself where you’re going next. These precious moments will lead you to the pot of gold which brings you the love you deserve. Right now, your mission in life is to live it to the full, and to experience a new love affair as a magical mystery.




This time last year you were confused about a relationship. It may even have been clandestine, unexpected or not like you had wanted it to be. Yet now you’re beginning to put the past behind you. There will be regrets and maybe a sense of loss, but what you know now, is how to love from your heart and soul.




You’re beginning to be in control of your love life.  In fact, if single, if you’d like someone to to be right up close beside you, then all you have to do is ask. Or maybe, take a chance on going some place with your current partner? It will take you out of yourself, and into a love which will permeate all you do.




You may already have built defensive walls around to stop you from getting hurt. Or, you may have just found a billion duties to keep you occupied. But either way, with Saturn in your own sign, defensive feelings take over a little, but soon the planets will bring you the love that you deserve. Let it all develop and be rewarded.



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