Hola Sandernistas

Welcome to the visions of Comrade Sanders (along with others in the congress) idea of a utopian world of total equality and abject poverty. To embrace socialism in it’s purest form, we must, first nationalize all private businesses, assume control of all agriculture ventures, converting them in to the peoples collective farms. These now belong to the Peoples Republic for the good of the nation, and to ensure that all monetary funds are shared equally amongst the peoples . We shall all be rich. Open our borders allowing all peoples to enter, but maintain a border enforcement agency to ensure that no one leaves with out permission. To implement this it will be necessary to register all citizens with a Federal Identification card, to be presented upon demand.

Education institutes shall be monitored to insure that their content is not detrimental to the New Peoples Society progressive ideology. Professors will be sent to re-educational training camps, to insure compliance to the Federal Educational Guidelines Laws. Those whom do not adhere to the regime of the State , shall be incarcerated, in a State facility, until such a time that the are deemed as no longer harmful to society.

The United States Senate is to be disbanded as it is no long a viable legislative body, representing the wishes of the Peoples Republic. Becoming an obstruction to the progressive visions of the nation. Which can no longer be tolerated.

The United States House of Representatives, shall be renamed the Peoples Socialist Assembly, and will be elected by a populist voters count, for a duration of two years, and can be dissolved by Order of the President, at any time during the session, calling for new elections.

The Office of the President of the Peoples Republic of America, shall be appointed by special vote by the Peoples Socialist Central Council, for a life term. There shall be no recourse of removal from this office.

The United States Supreme Court , shall be renamed Peoples Court and shall consist of a nine member panel, serving a five year term, appointed by the President of the Peoples Republic of America. All judicial questions shall be presented only by the Peoples Socialist Assembly for consideration.

Had enough insight? If not then consider this, gays, abortions, drug usage and the new laws, freedom of speech and ownership of fire arms, will be eliminated, solving a lot of contention we now deal with. This will only be the start. Heaven forbid the racist though of calling all this “communism”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this , Comrade

Eddy Toorall


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