We are the new Spartans

From what I have been reading and hearing from the news media, it will now be legal to abort an infant new born, up to and even at the moment of “birthing.” It have has long been a debate in the United states concerning the “rights of a woman’s body” i.e. abortion. But no one has yet addressed the “right of suicide.” Its also my body do I not have the right to end it as I see fit? Even under the assistance of a medical physician, to relieve my suffering from some form of terminal illness. But yet this is considered a form of mental illness, and punishable by law. Where does the difference lie. The hypocrisy of “it’s my body”, does not apply to the “use of drugs, ingested for personal use”, that’s a crime. Where is the difference, it’s my body still. Taking a life is the same. The Spartan whom we , or at lease I was taught, were barbaric by the practice of taking new born infant and placing it upon a mountain side, once it had been decided unfit to live, according to the code of the prevailing society, to die. Many its just me, but where is the difference? It’s called infanticide, killing of the young.

You know the NAZI did the same thing in the 1930’s in Germany, they used a process call “euthanasia”, which used a calculated formula to decide whether a person was beneficial to the state, or of a political threat to the state, sometimes the lines blurred. During the International Military Tribunal of Major War Criminals of 1945-46, it was ruled that these acts were crimes against Humanity. The whole sale murder of the innocent, was wrong. How more innocent can any human being be, other than the new or un-born infants?

Birth control, a simple effective to a point, preventive method to the abortion problem. Humanity from the beginning of our collective awareness of each other, have been a brutal, merciless creature. Destroying each other without remorse, disregarding the empty shell that once housed the miracle of life in to the fires of destruction, or left to be devoured by the beast of the world. We are not a civilized species, we are not the ascended enlighten intelligent species, we are still the base primal animals that for however millions of years ago decided to walk up right, build a nest, and feed ourselves from the fruits of the land, yet our mind set has not evolved to meet the technical advances. I do admit that we are above the swine of the earth, they eat their young, we just toss them in the trash.

It may be your body, but it is till some one else’s life, think of how the world would be if your mother aborted?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Comrades

Eddy Toorall


2 thoughts on “We are the new Spartans

  1. Thank you for your writing. Until I get angry enough I need to remain silent on the taking of the unborn. But the committee that I chair and other close friends know when the time comes I will be speaking out on the murder of the unborn via abortion. For now I need hold my tongue or I will be shot down merciless.


    1. The only way I can get passionate about any topic or issue is to get angry. I don’t approve of anyone bashing anyone else on this site, nor is it ever tolerated. Anytime you wish to speak out and express your views, please feel free to do so. I am glad to see that you are concerned about this issues, no matter what your views might be.


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