A Personal Project of Mine Right Now

My personal project right now is to get the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam removed from office. You are probably familiar with him because of the recent photo of him, the black face and KKK one. Even though painting your face or wearing a KKK outfit is appalling enough, his views on abortion are criminal.

In case the photo has overshadowed his views on abortion, then let me give you a quick run down. He has come out publicly and announced that he is for doing abortions after the mother has delivered the baby. You heard right, after the newborn has been brought into this world, he wants people to have the right to abort that baby. He said his words were taken out of context but I sincerely don’t believe that nor do others.

I can’t understand the thinking of this man or should I say monster. Anyone wanting to kill a newborn is a  monster in my book. But he said the mother would have the right to have the baby revived if need be. Then they would take the baby, put it in a little bassinet, make it as comfortable as possible, while they decide whether or not this child should live. He said this would only come up if the child had some deformity or something that would prevent the child from having the quality of life it deserved. To me, this is playing God. Who gives any doctor the right to decide if the newborn has a right to live or die? Doesn’t that go against the Oath they took when they became doctors. The one that stated they would heal, protect and do everything possible to preserve life. Perhaps the doctors have forgotten that Oath.

There are too many people in this country that are wanting to adopt babies. Why would you terminate a life whether it is deformed or not. That baby has the right to live just like the rest of us. Put him/her up for adoption. Let a loving family take that baby, raise it and give it the best quality of life available. You just don’t take a life and discard it so easily. It is killing.  I should add he has never come right out and said how the baby would be killed. Knocking it in the head with a hammer the way they do cows, ringing its’ neck like a chicken, sounds cruel doesn’t it. Well, murdering a new born child is cruel. To think an elected official thinks this way is unbelievable, more over, he should not be in an office which can make the laws that govern our lives.

If this governor is permitted to get this legislation passed, then others will follow suit. He has to be removed from office and we have to make it very plain, we will not tolerate the killing of newborn babies in this country.

I have provided a link below that goes straight to the Governor’s Office of Virginia. I have asked my site to write him a note. You can mention the black face/KKK photo, if you like. But I would like for you to place a special emphasis on his views about abortion. We cannot permit this to happen in our country. If it does, what next? The baby has brown eyes and I wanted a blue eye baby, so kill it. This one proposal the monster is suggesting can sky-rocket out of control. We have to stop him and the only way we can do this is by forcing him to resign.

I would ask that you follow the link below and write to the Governor’s Office of Virginia. Make sure you tell him that we will not tolerate the killing of newborn babies in this country. Make your voice heard today and drop him a note.

Thank you,

Lady of the Abyss


Link to the Governor’s Office of Virginia




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